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Bride: Times are tough, and love...
Greg: Is recession proof?

DB: tell me you got something on the SUV
Nick: It was stolen, about an hour earlier from a mall parking lot.
DB: Its official, these two are starting to piss me off.

DB: Our victim had a button fired into his head at 400 meters per second.
Robbins: Pretty absurd, but that's the tale his body is telling.
DB: Curiouser and curiouser.

I like weddings, I had two of them. Marriages, they don't really agree with me.


Finn: The bastard is going to do it to another girl.
DB: We take our victims as they come.

DB: I hate it when a suspect blows a hole in a perfectly good theory.
Nick: Professor Laudner?

DB: Ah, Professor Laudner, thanks for coming down.
Professor: Didn't seem like I had a choice.
DB: You didn't, have a seat.

DB: Help us out, give us what we need to rule you out and these pictures will get buried in the evidence vault. [looks at Brass] We can do that right?
Brass: Yeah.

Greg: It's Pete's phone
Nick: Think this is Pete's killer?
Greg: [holds up phone] I think we got a strong connection.

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