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Oh Ray, it's like a mirror with you. It's like playing with my self, only better.

Nate Haskell

Doctor, you complete me, or, at least, you complete my understanding of me.

Nate Haskell

What is it with you? Are you some sort of bomb magnet?


Retail therapy can be very effective in relieving that Armageddon stress


Nick: He seems scared, but I can't read him, Jim.
Brass: You shot his brother. Why would he want to save your life?

Ray, when I look at you, when I see the anguish I've you... I feel... Nothing. Don't you think I want to feel something, Ray, emotions that a normal human being feels?

Nate Haskell

Nick: Hey, you got a big day in court today, don't you?
Ray: Yeah, Nate Haskell. Putting my game face on.
Nick: Well, I'd tell you to give him hell, but that's probably where he's going anyway.

Nick: If I don't go to the gym now I won't go at all.
Ray: You feel the need to leave Doc Robbins a good looking corpse.
Nick: Something like that.

She could book you. You know she's a casting director for the L.V.P.D.

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