It's like finding a nerd in a haystack.


Brass: Been a long time, baby. Now you're going away for even longer.
Anne-Marie: We'll see how many men are on the jury.

Catherine: Running from another stripper.
Greg: Burlesque dancer, and that's not funny.

We're cops. We have guns that have guns.


Go ahead, start without me. Mrs. Robbins always does... I was talking about dinner.

Doc Robbins

Catherine: When was the last time you fired your gun, Detective?
Detective Martin: Screw you, bitch!
Catherine: I think you mean, screw you CSI Willows. It's okay. I'll get a warrant.

Doc Robbins: You just missed David's elegy on prison life.
Catherine: I'll have to wait for the CD I guess.

David: Prison is an ugly place to get killed.
Doc Robbins: I will be sure to put that in my report under bonus features. David Phillips, life behind bars, it sucks.

Aryan Skinhead Prisoner: Do you like what you see?
Ray: Take off your pants, Adolf, and I'll tell you.

Careful. Evil has a way of making friends with the good and dragging them into darkness.

Doc Robbins

Dr. Aden: Knowledge demands its payment.
Ray: It's always nice when someone else picks up the bill for you though.

Maybe we need a new classification for this situation... D.O.AWOL.


CSI Season 11 Quotes

Haskell: I want Ray to live a long time so he thinks of me every time he unzips his pants
Brass: Yeah, he will remember what a putz you are.

Brass: You know what this button does.
Ray: Morphine clouds my thinking.