Ray: How'd you find me?
Nick: I'm part hound dog.

Ray: He could have killed me. He didn't.
Doc Robbins: Yeah, well, he didn't want to kill you. He just... wants to keep hurting you.

Ray: Damn right it's only temporary, because you're going to give me your pass code right now.
Hodges: No, I don't think-
Ray: Or I'm gonna go all Dirty Harry on your ass.

Greg: What's going on?
Ray: You can be part of the problem or part of the solution.
Greg: Solution.

Maybe you're just afraid to catch me. Maybe you don't like looking in the mirror, Ray. Maybe... you don't like what you see.

Nate Haskell

Nick: Hey, please don't ask me if I need a hand.
Doc Robbins: Actually, I was going to tell you you smell like a Port-O-Potty.

Shout out from Haskell, the man does like sticking it to you.


Ray: Where is Hodges?
Henry: Uh, he's moving out of his mother's place finally. I'm not sure who's more traumatized.

Nick: So when was the last time you saw Graham?
Lydia Kole: When he told me to turn my vibrator down.

I'm sick of this guy. He's like the Joker in Batman, except without the laughs.


Maybe she escaped one animal only to fall prey to another.


Spends her life helping others dodge punches, but she couldn't dodge this one.


CSI Season 11 Quotes

Haskell: I want Ray to live a long time so he thinks of me every time he unzips his pants
Brass: Yeah, he will remember what a putz you are.

Brass: You know what this button does.
Ray: Morphine clouds my thinking.