Prentiss: Penelope, that isn't your first coffee, is it?
Garcia: Well, it doesn't count if you brew it yourself.
Prentiss: I'm cutting you off now.

So Cat's a mean girl, but more savvy?


Bye, Spencie! I really enjoyed our date.

Cat [to Reid]

Don't wait up.


"Psychotics -- say what you want about them -- tend to make the first move." -- David Foster Wallace


The only date I'll be there for is when they stick a needle in your veins.

Reid [to Cat]

I'm bored, OK? BORED. Death has to be more interesting than this.

Cat [to Reid]

We have no illusions. There is just a game to [Cat]. The question is do we want to play it or not.

Prentiss [to Reid]

That's OK. Coffee can wait. Go save a life.

Maxine [to Reid]

Here's to the whole family getting back together again.


Chaycon: It's the scars, isn't it?
Simmons: Maybe they're an improvement.

Garcia: Sir. Please find them.
Rossi: Don't worry. We will.

Criminal Minds Quotes

"History has a way of altering villains so that we can no longer see ourselves in them." -- Adam Serwer


Unsub: There's a Scottish proverb: "They talk of my drinking but never my thirst."