When he's ready, tell Ben you need help with the little one. Let him know it is his place to his sister about their mother; it will keep her alive for both of them.


If you want forgiveness, you have to be willing to ask for it from your son and from yourself. You have to begin healing your own wounds first.


Garcia: So you want me to do multiple searches on multiple personalities?
Cooper: [smiles] something like that, yeah.
Garcia: Multi-tasking Out!

This is guilt carried to an extreme. The unsub wanted to undo the horror of these murders.


Cooper: Going to those dark places can be painful; but, we have to face things.
Keane: Can you ever come back?
Cooper: We can try.

Mick: Why would he go from killing men in their 20s to men in their 60s?
Prophet: With the first four victims, he is killing the same person again, again, and again.
Mick: So who the hell is he killing now?

A postmortem examination made you want to call me; I find myself firmly planted betwixed, touched and skeeved out.


Evolution is a mighty big idea for four hours' worth of carnage.


Son: I was supposed to pick her up, the one time I didn't...
Sam: Your mother was the victim of a crime. The fault lies with the criminal not with you.

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