Griffith: His type of thinking is why you over achieve.
Lasalle: No, his type of thinking is that I donít have what it takes for this job and he is waiting for me to fail.
Griffith: You need to call him and tell him he is wrong.
Lasalle: My fatherís never been wrong a day in his life Beth.

Lasalle: At my sisterís swearing in, my father referred to her as the smart one.
Griffith: I assume that makes you the pretty one?

Lasalle: Odds are itís a girl, could be disfigured.
Griffith: Not necessarily, if he is delusional, she just has to fall short of his standard of beauty.

Cooper: Youíre going to go with Gina to the morgue. Sheís at her sisters swearing in ceremony.
Griffith: Judges, General, the FBI, that family scares me.

Cooper: Friendly advice; it doesn't pay to stare to deeply into the abyss
Fickler: Says the man who does it for a living.

Cooper: You really want to be the guy who is standing between the Director of the FBI and his God-Daughter?
Luca: [shakes head] No.

Cooper: It was a clean shot
Griffith: It was; it was my first.
Cooper: You didn't have a choice, you saved Mick's life.

Fickler: Son of bitch, how many minutes out are we?
Cooper: Jack, my team, we got this.
Fickler: To attached Jack, will find her

Griffith: Who do we profile, Jekyll or Hyde?
Cooper: We are going to profile Hyde.

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