I just came over to see Rebecca. Nothing more than that happened. Hey, can I wash some of these toys? No reason. I just want to help out and wash some of these floor toys for you.


Josh: This is three names. First is a creature from an animated movie and the last one is another movie, not animated, about a guy who is super smart and speaks in an accent.
Nathaniel: What?

Maybe we could be the best versions of ourselves if we are together.


Heather: You’re here! How long will you be here?
Valencia: The rest of the series. Of holidays, I mean.

You’re a great replacement for Brendan. A great listener and you didn’t ruin my vagina.


Heather: Also using your sexual fluidity as a red herring? Baller move.
Valencia: My pronouns tracked, that was you. Check your assumptions.

It’s because I’m drunk and sad and I want you to stop pointing at women.


We have seasons in LA. T-shirt, sweatshirt, puffer and tank top.


That’s Jason, I’ve been on a date with him. He had these greasy smelly balls.


Want a doughnut? I told the man to put the most fattening ones in there.


How was everyone’s weekend? I went to a pumpkin patch with my mom. She was a little surprised by the invite but I have a cute photo.


What? You think I don’t have a google alert for Rebecca Bunch? You think that I’m not reading the comments section of the Daily Covina?


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Quotes

Rebecca: Where are you from again?
Josh: West Covina, California. 91791!
Rebecca: West Covina, I remember that. That's near the beach, right?
Josh: Yeah, only two hours...well, four in traffic.

Dear God, I don't pray to you because I believe in science. But I don't know what to do. Give me guidance, please. Ah-men. A-men. Amen?

Rebecca Bunch