Howard A: Why are you defending her?
Emily P: Maybe I had a reason and I did the same thing.
Howard A: No. Our lives were already different before that.
Emily P: No, they weren't. He was an interface man. I was in housekeeping, just like the two of you. And every time he applied to Strategy, I intervened.
Howard: Why?
Emily P: It's obvious, Howard. I was protecting him. I was protecting our child, and as time went on, I was protecting our whole way of life. What was I supposed to tell him? What was I supposed to tell him when I knew that the day he found out the truth would be the day...
Howard A: The day he would leave you? And he did. I would not have left.
Emily P: You don't know that.
Howard A: I do know that. I don't just quit on people I love.
Emily P: Well, maybe that's why you're different.

Howard A: They think my Emily is a part of all of this and they want me to spy on her.
Emily P: Howard, do you think it's somehow possible that there's more to her than we know?
Howard: I don't know what she is. Did you know that apparently, she is the one stopping me from being promoted all these years, every time I went upstairs and was crushed, it was all because of her.

Howard A: Why are you doing this to me?
Interrogator: I'm trying to open your eyes. You only see her how you want to see her. When are you going to see your wife for who she really is?

At least let's pet the dog!


All Management needed to say were four little words, "we need your help," and then maybe we could be chasing these Indigo terrorists with shared intelligence instead of shared incompetence.

Emily P

Interrogator: I don't know how you're going to take this. Your wife has come out of her coma. It was the last intelligence we received before the crossing closed.
Howard A.: How, how would you even know these things? Why would you be watching my wife?
Interrogator: The report was her husband rushed in all emotional. And do you think she knew, when she opened her eyes, that she was staring into the eyes of a man who wasn't her husband, or do you wonder, maybe, if that wasn't her plan all along?

Peter: [voice shaking] If this is to continue, I need some kind of truth. Have they been in contact? Since the attack, have your people been in touch in any way?
Clare: [staring deeply into Peter's eyes] No. I've heard from no one. [passion begins]
Peter: Stop! That won't work on me anymore.

Clare: Peter, what's wrong?
Peter: Edgar Brant is dead.
Clare: It was taken care of.
Peter: How many people do you still have on the inside?
Clare: You're safe. That's what matters.
Peter: Clare. This is not going to end well.
Clare: Yes it will, but you have to start believing it.
Peter: Believing what?
Clare: We have a plan. We have our daughter.

They're scared. Indigo still has people inside.


Well, forget about her then, and him. Let's start all over. There's a new Chinese place right down the street. Should we try it? Maybe it's terrible.

Howard P

I'm just getting this feeling that I don't really like who I was before. Maybe I shouldn't even be telling you.

Emily A

Howard P: Emily? Are you alright?
Emily A: It's just not ... who I am.
Howard P: What?
Emily A: Did you even like me? Before?
Howard P: Of course I did.
Emily A: But you didn't know me. At work, you said you'd been promoted to that department, Strategy.
Howard P: Yeah.
Emily A: That was my department. I remember. And if you work there now, that means you know what I did for a living and you know I kept that from you, and yet, you haven't mentioned it.

Counterpart Season 2 Quotes

Management: Why do you suppose you're so good at catching spies?
Naya: Because I know what it's like to be an outsider, to have my nose pressed up against the glass. I see the world the way they see the world.

Management: Do you believe in God?
Naya: Yes.
Management: Why?
Naya: Are you asking why I believe in God? Because I'm fairly certain I don't have to answer that.