We were friends, brothers and sisters for a common good. And then...


Yanek Prime: Yanek, I was thinking. You haven't really lost him. There are things we can share.
Yanek Alpha: My son is dead.

Yanek Alpha: It didn't have to be this way. I have ruined you.
Mira: That's what you see when you look at me? Ruined?

I may not be your real daughter, but I have grown up in your image, and together we can bring this war to an end. Will you gather them with me?


I'm so fucking sick of doing what they tell us to do.


Nature doesn't give a damn what you believe. Faced with survival, we all give into our darkest self. Don't you see what I am trying to show you? No one escapes this.


Howard A: I have met my other, yes, and I found him to be a real asshole, but that doesn't mean I am.
Yanek: You are two souls born from the same body. There is only room for one of you.
Howard: And why, exactly, are you the great authority on this?
Yanek: Because I, too, have met my other. May I tell you a secret, something just for you? I was there at the beginning. I am the reason our two worlds exist.

Secretary: I destroyed that tape you made, but more needs to be done.
Peter A: Wait, wait, wait. You're with them?
Secretary: They only told me this morning. It wasn't a plan. I always thought I'd get to see it all unfold after we won.
Peter A: What are you doing?
Secretary: They told me you're important. Listen. Listen to me! We were having an affair. Five years, OK.
Peter A: Wait, no, st...
Secretary: Lambert told you I was Shadow. You took a gun to stop me but couldn't confront me in time.
Peter A: Shadow's, no, Shadow's...
Secretary: I wanted so badly to see the dream come real.

Clare: Do you trust Mira?
Spencer: I believe in the cause.
Clare: That's not what I asked.

You have the same eyes as your mother.


I'm not getting through to you. It's like you are determined to defy me at every turn. I must confess, I am at a loss.


Peter A: Thank you.
Howard P: It wasn't me.
Peter A: What do you mean it wasn't you?
Howard P: Somebody else got to him first.

Counterpart Season 2 Quotes

Management: Why do you suppose you're so good at catching spies?
Naya: Because I know what it's like to be an outsider, to have my nose pressed up against the glass. I see the world the way they see the world.

Management: Do you believe in God?
Naya: Yes.
Management: Why?
Naya: Are you asking why I believe in God? Because I'm fairly certain I don't have to answer that.