Howard A: I am so tired of always being afraid.
Emily P: This will be over soon. We just need to figure out Mira's next move.
Howard A: No, Yanek was right. I need to do what I should have done at the very beginning. I need to make a deal with Management.

No. I think this is better. I prefer you as you are now.

Emily P

I don't know Clare, but we run, or we are dead. Now listen, I never gave you an ultimatum. I never said your cause or me because I knew what you would choose. But I'm leaving tonight with Spencer, and I want my family to stay together. So, you tell me, what's it gonna be?


Spencer: This will be done soon. We'll be free forever. We'll get to be us.
Clare: And then what?

I killed my other with my bare hands, used her like a game piece, and these others look at me like I'm some kind of a hero for that. We're not really the heroes.


That was Ian. He's close. I'm sorry it had to be him. He's the only one I trust.

Emily P

Whoever Shadow was she was definitely close to Quayle. There were documents that came directly from his department, his desk even.

Emily A

I wonder if there's a moment in all of this when I wasn't being exploited.

Howard A

Who cares about the collective good? The East if fucking dead now. What I'm saying is the animalistic instincts have won out. One side will always win out.

Yanek Alpha

Yanek: I used to bring you here.
Mira: It wasn't me you brought. It wasn't here you brought her.

It was like walking through a perfect reproduction. It was a miracle. His world was impossible to differentiate down to the most minute detail. And that was the problem. It was exactly the same. If this experiment was to have any impact, something drastic had to be done.


With one simple adjustment, we would set our worlds on two irreversible different paths. If only we'd known the impact we were about to make.


Counterpart Season 2 Quotes

Management: Why do you suppose you're so good at catching spies?
Naya: Because I know what it's like to be an outsider, to have my nose pressed up against the glass. I see the world the way they see the world.

Management: Do you believe in God?
Naya: Yes.
Management: Why?
Naya: Are you asking why I believe in God? Because I'm fairly certain I don't have to answer that.