Naya: He loves you.
Clare: I don't think Peter is capable of feeling anything these days.
Naya: He was going to die to protect you the other night in his office when he was caught. I saw it in his eyes. I didn't know what it was then, but it all makes sense now.

We are who we are. We kill people. And then we eat breakfast.

Howard P

Nadia: I don't want to kill anymore.
Howard P: Yeah, well, if you want a life in this world, Indigo is about to make that really fuckin' difficult.

Mira: Do you remember when I was seven and the schoolmaster said I couldn't wear pants, that only the boys were allowed?
Yanek: Yes.
Mira: What happened?
Yanek: You convinced them to change the rules, and you never wore a skirt again.
Mira: People can be flexible when they need to be.

Emily A: Where's my husband?
Howard P: He's on the other side.
Emily A: Get your things and get out.
Howard P: Emily, please.
Emily A: I swear to God I will shoot you where you stand. Now get out!

Naya, this is my wife, Shadow.


Emily A: I love you so much.
Howard P: I love you, too.
Emily A: I haven't heard you say that since I woke up.
Howard P: I wanted to be sure you remembered me.
Emily A: You used to say it all the time. I wasn't sure if it was because you meant it or it was just habit.
Howard P: I mean it.

Clare: Let me go under, Peter. I don't want to be here anymore.
Peter: I'm not going to do that.
Clare: Well then you're brainwashed, too.

No. I think this is better. I prefer you as you are now.

Emily P

Howard A: I am so tired of always being afraid.
Emily P: This will be over soon. We just need to figure out Mira's next move.
Howard A: No, Yanek was right. I need to do what I should have done at the very beginning. I need to make a deal with Management.

Truth doesn't need to be indoctrinated.


It's all for the greater good.


Counterpart Season 2 Quotes

Management: Why do you suppose you're so good at catching spies?
Naya: Because I know what it's like to be an outsider, to have my nose pressed up against the glass. I see the world the way they see the world.

Management: Do you believe in God?
Naya: Yes.
Management: Why?
Naya: Are you asking why I believe in God? Because I'm fairly certain I don't have to answer that.