OHoward: What the hell happened, Peter?
Quayle [shakes his head]: Aldrich came over last night, started asking questions about you. It's pretty safe to say you're blown.

You need to stay the hell away from my life. It's not yours. It's a fucking vacation rental, and sooner or later I'll be back, and you'll come back here and nothing will have changed.


And in the end, that, that capacity for love, the ability to love someone unselfishly is the only thing that will separate me from you.


Yeah, speaking of your life, we've been sitting here for a while and you haven't even asked about sleeping beauty over here. Her condition is unchanged, by the way. Not sure I can say the same about you. Or even myself. Jesus fuckin' Christ. This is killin' me, being stuck in your life. Every time I look in the mirror now, I see more of you lookin' back. All the worst parts, the weakest, saddest parts are taking hold. I don't blame you for not missing it over here.


OHoward: Look at you, Howard.
Howard: Believe me, I'm looking.
OHoward: Not long ago, I sent you over there like a doe in the woods. Now you're a Spyhunter, bringing me actionable intelligence. I think you owe me some gratitude.
Howard: For what?
OHoward: For waking you the fuck up! What were you before me? Pathetic little meek, sad sack, loyal hubby with your flowers on the nightstand and your fucking poetry. Now look at ya. Now there's something breathing behind those eyes. Are you enjoying yourself with my family?
Howard: They hate you.
OHoward: Yeah, that sounds about right.
Howard: Although, less and less lately. It really hasn't taken that much to steer your life out of a skid. A little kindness. A little attention. You'd be amazed the difference it makes. Where's MY gratitude?
OHoward: You love it, don't you? Running around poking your nose into all the little details of my life, every fiber of my being.
Howard: We've been helping you.
OHoward: We, again.

Aldrich: At one point or the other, we all must make that choice. The cause vs. ourselves if we want to survive. You understand me, don't you?
Quayle: No, I'm not certain I do, actually.
Aldrich: I think you understand exactly what I'm talking about. I won't involve the office in this yet, but I'm leaving men outside your house. I'll be at the Walcot tonight at ten, eating at the bar. I hope you make the right choice.

And what about Spencer? A child born of two worlds? Do you really think they're just going to release her? There's nothing you can do. It's all underway. Peter, I'm sorry about what I've done to you, I really am, but I think it's time you realize that we're both trapped in this, you and me, together.


Clare: My side doesn't know anything about what is happening! They wouldn't know what to do about it if they did. Do you think we're all so blind over there? The flu killed hundreds of millions, my parents, decimated Europe. And all that time, your side wasn't affected.
Quayle: Y...y...you, you don't think if something like that happened, you don't think I would know about it? An operation of that size?
Clare: You're so naive. Pretty soon, people are going to take a long, hard look at this charade we call diplomacy. Sooner or later, everything is going to change.
Quayle: I'm turning you in.
Clare: That would be a mistake. Think about your life!! What will people say when they realize it was your wife all along?
Quayle: You are not my wife.

Quayle: And there are others like you?
Clare: I think it's better if we didn't discuss this.
Quayle: I don't give a fuck what you think. Your side is declaring war.

OHoward: What the hell are you doing?
Charlotte: I'm sorry?
OHoward: The esteemed Charlotte Burton suddenly mother of the year.

OEmily: What are you doing?
Ian: I'm calling the office. Eighteen people are dead, and half of them are children.
OEmily: Yes, and the last time we went through official channels, I was almost killed. Until we know who our friends are, I'd like to keep this between us.

OHoward: How is she?
Charlotte: Doctor's aren't sure how much she can understand if anything at all. They're calling it a first step. First, of many, we hope. Good to see you, Howard. Been a long time.

Counterpart Season 1 Quotes

Howard, why do you think I brought you in on this? For your great tactical skill, your great knowledge of this whole fuckin' thing? I need to pretend to be you, take Baldwin out myself.


I have a new book. 'You, you, only you exist.'