Howard A: I have met my other, yes, and I found him to be a real asshole, but that doesn't mean I am.
Yanek: You are two souls born from the same body. There is only room for one of you.
Howard: And why, exactly, are you the great authority on this?
Yanek: Because I, too, have met my other. May I tell you a secret, something just for you? I was there at the beginning. I am the reason our two worlds exist.

Nature doesn't give a damn what you believe. Faced with survival, we all give into our darkest self. Don't you see what I am trying to show you? No one escapes this.


Secretary: I destroyed that tape you made, but more needs to be done.
Peter A: Wait, wait, wait. You're with them?
Secretary: They only told me this morning. It wasn't a plan. I always thought I'd get to see it all unfold after we won.
Peter A: What are you doing?
Secretary: They told me you're important. Listen. Listen to me! We were having an affair. Five years, OK.
Peter A: Wait, no, st...
Secretary: Lambert told you I was Shadow. You took a gun to stop me but couldn't confront me in time.
Peter A: Shadow's, no, Shadow's...
Secretary: I wanted so badly to see the dream come real.

I'm so fucking sick of doing what they tell us to do.


Clare: Do you trust Mira?
Spencer: I believe in the cause.
Clare: That's not what I asked.

You have the same eyes as your mother.


I'm not getting through to you. It's like you are determined to defy me at every turn. I must confess, I am at a loss.


Peter A: Thank you.
Howard P: It wasn't me.
Peter A: What do you mean it wasn't you?
Howard P: Somebody else got to him first.

Peter A: What's going on?
Naya: Lock the doors.

Lambert 2: Can we still trust her?
Lambert 1: I suppose we'll find out.

Howard A: Why are you in here?
Peter Quayle P: I'm serving my world in the fight against yours. Yanek says I'm one of the most important people here. I suppose now we know why.
Howard A: Yanek?
Peter P: Yeah. I give him secrets, my secrets, things about my life, things I'm afraid of, things that only I can know. So now Management knows my other's secrets.

Howard P: Why don't I just take you out right now?
Baldwin: You friends know about you. It's suspicious if you don't help them.

Counterpart Quotes

Howard: Do you think it's possible to truly love someone without knowing who they really are?
OEmily: Maybe we don't love someone for who they are. Maybe we love them for who they'd rather be.

Howard, why do you think I brought you in on this? For your great tactical skill, your great knowledge of this whole fuckin' thing? I need to pretend to be you, take Baldwin out myself.