She's never gonna forgive herself. Even if it was an accident, she's just ... she just won't. But you know, right? It doesn't matter if she gets pissed or angry at you, she would never hurt you. But I hurt her. Yup, just had to finish my year. Just had to follow the plan, just had to, ust had to finish high school. Maybe, you know, if I just would've done that, then none of this would've happened. Grandpa, you fon't think ... You don't think that this was my fault, right?


Liam: All right, listen man. I'm not gonna quit on you, but you have to help yourself, 'kay?
Mal: Liam, I am unfit to be a soldier and unfit to be a civilian. You got a solution for being stuck between those two rocks, huh?
Liam: Yeah, you have options.
Mal: I have drugs that don't work. I have panic attacks that last for days whenever I go out in public. I have PTSD, I have dissociative disorder, and I have a therpist who can't help me.
Liam; You have me!
Mal: Oh, you show up after weeks of being AWOL and you're supposed to be the lifeboat I get in? What a joke.

Mal: At least when you finally show up, you bring whisky. Really good to see you, brother.
Liam: Hey. Nice to see you.

Jenny: This is a ... a locked ward, right?
Dr. Green: It is.
Jenny: How did the woman that was in my dad's room get in?
Dr. Green: She said she was Gordon's daughter. Is she not your sister?

Liam: When I get home late from a job, and I wanna work on our renovation, what do you always tell me?
Jenny: Don't smash things when you're tired.

Lucy: Holly Groves. Patrol officers found her body in a flophouse while doing a wellness check.
McAvoy: Since when do cops do wellness checks on junkies? Loverboy?
Malik: Hmm?
McAvoy: Find me her next of kin.
Malik: Loverboy? Is that my new nickname?
McAvoy: Don't ruin it.

Ross: I heard you two shouting. Why can't you ever look Grandpa in the eye anymore?
Jenny: Ross --
Ross: He's old, and he's sick. Whatever it is, I don't get why you can't just let it go.

Gordon: If you're mad at me, just be mad! Jus be honest!
Jenny: Dad, just let it go. Let it go, dad!
Gordon: I walk into, I walk in a room and you leave! I try and talk to you, and you shut me down, every time! You're behaving like a spoiled little brat and I did not raise you that way! I raised you better than that!
Jenny: Dad. You lied to me my entire life!
Gordon: Yeah, I tried to protect you.
Jenny: What -- to protect me? No! I know you did it to protect me, but at some point, Dad, you did it to protect yourself!
Gordon: Oky. Okay, so how does that feel now to just kinda let it out?
Jenny: It feels like shit to yell at you! I-I-I have to deal with this for the rest of my life and you don'!!
Gordon: That is totally not fair!
Jenny: You lied to me, and now you're gonna forget about it! You don't have to deal with this. You just get to forget!
Gordon: I'm still here, goddammit! Can you see me? I'm still alive!

Gordon: She's in tears. What did you do to Kelly?
Jenny: Nothing, dad.

Okay. You wanna know my biggest secret? Is that what you want? Fine. My big secret is that becoming his mother saved me. He saved me. And now I have to live with the guilt that if I hadn't taken Robbie with me, he would still be alive!


The story I told you about the blanket is true. I just wasn't the on having the contractions. Please sit, and let me explain. Before I came to Toronto, I was living in Cambridge in a boarded up rooming house, addicted to oxy, sharing a dirty mattress with a woman named Holly and her newborn son, Robbie. One morning, Holly wouldn't wake up. I didn't know what to do. I tried to revive her, but she was already cold. I looked at that beautiful little baby boy lying next to her, and I knew that I had to turn my life around for him.


Jenny: It's Kelly.
Dr. Sharma: What about Kelly?
Jenny: I started sleepwalking when I met her.

Coroner Quotes

Jenny: Go change the baby.
Taylor: You know I'm a detective, right?
Jenny: That's how I know you can find the diapers.

Dr. Peterson: She convulsed when she hanged
Jenny: She was actually suspended and her shoes were on when I found her so, I don't think so.
Dr. Peterson: You don't think so?
Jenny: I had an instinct.
Dr. Peterson: How can you have instincts when you don't know anything?
Jenny: I'm s- I'm sorry, what?
Dr. Peterson: They're called guesses. What you're doing is guessing. I've been a pathologist for 20 years and before this, you were what, a GP?
Jenny: I was an ER doctor.
Dr. Peterson: I stay competent year after year and the coroners just get younger and more, but how bout this, I will write up my findings and then you can sign off on them, okay?