You know, trust is about a lot more than one sided favors.


Nolan: I've got to pick a side, I just don't want to pick the wrong one.
Maddie: Then you support everyone until you absolutely have to choose.

That transit pass was authorized under my authority, so I suggest you go now. You're an honorable man, Will. Don't let them take that from you.


Snyder: They're destroying our city. Again. What's the point of killing people who had nothing to do with this?
Helena: Retribution. They're reminding us of who is the bug and who is the kid with the magnifying glass.

During the Arrival, two of our Hosts were killed in Dallas. That city is now a flat sheet of glass.


Will: I need a 20 minute head start. I'm the reason we got that guy. You know what I'm askin'.
Jennifer: Twenty minutes.
Will: I owe you. Big.

Snyder: There's going to be a fight ahead of us if we're going to keep our jobs.
Nolan: Then let's sharpen our knives.

Doesn't matter what a man has if he doesn't have purpose. You take that away from him, man usually goes with it. Tell ya the truth, I never thought I'd find mine again.


Katie: Seems simple enough.
Broussard: It's not. This isn't about making a split second decision to save your husband's life. It's about being able to walk up to a complete stranger and kill them. That's why you need to put your emotions aside.

Don't ever let anybody tell you that what we're dealing with here is benign.


Nolan: But Alan, as far as I know, everyone up here is fully behind you.
Snyder: With daggars in hand.

Well I don't think order comes from fear. It comes from providing people with a decent quality of life.

Proxy Snyder

Colony Season 1 Quotes

Will: Why am I here?
Proxy Snyder: To turn crisis into opportunity.

Katie: He's a good kid.
Will: They're all good kids.