Mario: I'm glad you're here. Even if I did have to catch a deadly virus.
Noa: Shut up. [kisses Mario] Still not flirting.

Mama says you either come here to die or to get one last miracle. You want a miracle today? You be the miracle.


Leanne: You said Ariel doesn't belong to anyone. We seem to have that in common. There's no waiting at home for me, Jesse.
Jesse: Don't -- don't say that. That's not true.
Leanne: It is true. Maybe that's why I'm here -- to test this antidote, so that other people can live. People at the start of their lives.
Jesse: You think you don't belong to anyone? I mean, how can you say that to me? You belong to me, Leanne, just as much as I belong to you. Tu eres mi familia! Entiendes? Tu eres mi familia.
Leanne: Si, entiendo. Entiendo.

Angus: Of all the doctors at're the one I aspire to be. Watching you a lesson in being the calm in the storm but not the storm.
Campbell: Until now.
Angus: No. Now you taught me it's okay to be human, too.

Reddick: Who do you think you are?
Ethan: Just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.
Reddick: What?
Ethan: Not a big movie fan?

Leanne: look like a pineapple in that thing.
Jesse: Me? You look like a... You look great.
Leanne: Jesse, make a joke.
Jesse: I can't.

Listen to me. Sometimes...sometimes things happen to us that can make us smaller, but sometimes it can make you bigger. I need you to choose bigger right now.

Leanne [to Ariel]

Leanne: PPEs on at all times. And don't forget to smile. We need everyone calm. That means being calm ourselves.
Angus: Or at least act like it, right?
Leanne: That'll work too.

Ethan: She has a fever of 104. Definitely an infection. Dr. Dixon?
Elliot: Uh, meningitis or encephalitis? We need to do a spinal tap to be sure.
Leanne: It could be rabies.
Ethan: Rabies? I like it when you go off the reservation.

Elliot [about the shaman]: What's he saying?
Ethan: God, good. Devil, bad?

Angus [about setting up a date with Kelly]: The cafeteria is not romantic.
Ethan: Being romantic is not your worry at this point. Getting a fourth shot is.

Angus: I've had to cancel three times because of work.
Elliot: Yeah, and I told him that he should invite her to the hospital for a cup of coffee.
Ethan: That's adorable.

Code Black Season 2 Quotes

You think you're smarter than your mama cause you got an M.D.? You're not. I can tell when you're lying, crying, or dying.


Mike: If you're afraid of flying in one, why'd you hop on board?
Ethan: I didn't say I was scared. I said I didn't like 'em. I also don't like bad tequila, but that didn't stop me last night.