As the future Mr. Sarah Walker, can't I get to know you better?

I'm sure we can handle a family... even yours.

I wanna give everything to this baby that I never gave to you or Chuck.


I still got it. Where's the bar?


Can you say mission?

Mary [to Clara]

Chuck: Beckman was a dirty blonde?
Roan: It was the 80s. Everything was dirty blonde.

Again, Casey I can't apologize enough for that accidental touching in there. It's just very tight changing space.

Who's gonna be the best man? I'll tell you who...some weird creepy cousin of some weird old stranger you find to marry you and then his weird old wife who smells like thousand island dressing's gonna stand up for Sarah, and then you're stuck with a bunch of weird old strangers in your wedding photos.


Fatima: And why would I do business with a CIA pig?
Roan: Because rolling around in the mud can be so much fun.

Fatima: Did you ever think your storied life as a spy would come to an end because you picked up a girl in a bar?
Roan: Actually, yes that's precisely how I thought I'd go.

What is going on with the General? She's a hot mess.

Guys, we need a mission.


Chuck Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

What is going on with the General? She's a hot mess.


Guys, we need a mission.