Remember, the Yule log is not a decoration, it is a protection. It must burn continuously from now, through the shortest day, through the longest night, until dawn. Otherwise, Satan knows what malevolent forces might come down our chimney. Creatures with perhaps deadly intentions.


Dark Lord, as the longest night approaches, answer me. I did what you asked. Sabrina signed her name in your Book of the Beast. Why have you forsaken me? Why have you not called me home to the Pit? Has my mission changed? Say the word. Give my life meaning. Give me a sign.

Madam Satan

What’s happened? Did the Grinch get to you? Or the Dark Lord, perhaps?


But please don't ever do that again. Use magic with me. Or on me, or near me. Never again.


Zelda: We’ll also have to hide Leticia while Gryla’s here, or she’ll try to take the babe and add Letty to her retinue.
Sabrina: I can take her, Auntie. SHe's family now, and you've protected me all these years. It's the least I can do.

I know you’re scared, Sabrina. Because all women are taught to fear power. Own it.

Madam Satan

And this is no place for a man. And that very much includes you.


Harvey: Are you going to do something here?
Nick: I am, farm boy.

I’m done being a coward.


It’s not a tornado that’s coming. It’s something much much worse.

The witches are coming.


There’s no fixing it, Sabrina. You’ve opened Pandora’s Box.

Aunt Hilda

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Quotes

Ambrose: Where’s Aunt Hilda?
Aunt Zelda: She annoyed me, so I killed her and buried her in the yard.

Lucifer: Tell me, False Daughter. Is it true?
Sabrina: Is what true?
Lucifer: That my daughter Sabrina Morningstar is dead and that your soul occupies her body?
Sabrina: Yes, it's true.
Lucifer: The gall of you! You send my daughter to her death, you claim her body for herself, and you don't even bother to tell me ... her father! Well, False Daughter, I want it back! Her body.
[Caliban arms the minions]
Lucifer: Deliver yourself willingly or I will take her body by force. Either way, Sabrina Morning will have a queen's burial in Hell!