I know you’re scared, Sabrina. Because all women are taught to fear power. Own it.

Madam Satan

And this is no place for a man. And that very much includes you.


Harvey: Are you going to do something here?
Nick: I am, farm boy.

I’m done being a coward.


It’s not a tornado that’s coming. It’s something much much worse.

The witches are coming.


There’s no fixing it, Sabrina. You’ve opened Pandora’s Box.

Aunt Hilda

He said that his dream was that my dreams came true.


Ambrose: Aunt Dee, are you crying?
Zelda: Pollen.

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Ambrose: Where’s Aunt Hilda?
Aunt Zelda: She annoyed me, so I killed her and buried her in the yard.

Some days, some nights I dream that I am walking into the Greendale woods, in the peak of dry season with a lit torch in each hand so that I’d watch the whole forest burn, like so much kindling. Have a lovely little sleep, my darling.

Aunt Hilda

Ambrose: And what time will we be spellcasting?
Sabrina: Midnight-ish.
Ambrose: The witching hour? Spooky.