Voight: Let’s say, hypothetically, I confessed to killing the son of a bitch who murdered my son. I’d tell you I hunted Kevin Bingham like a dog, made him dig his own grave and then shot him in the face. I say that on the record, would that be enough to drop all charges against Olinsky?
Woods: I think it would.

Voight: I interrogated the prisoner. He was not cooperative. I am convinced he’s involved.
Antonio: For God's sake, Hank.
Voight: He tried to choke me with his handcuffs.

Random Guy: I can’t, he’ll kill me.
Voight: What do you think I’m gonna do?

Voight: You don’t get it, do you? After all this time.
Woods: Get what?
Voight: The difference between dirty and necessary. Like it or not, you and all your self-righteous friend in the ivory tower, you need people like me out on the streets. Doing the things regular cops aren’t willing to do. Going the extra mile to make sure the truly evil, the truly dangerous, go away. I thin the herd for the greater good.

You don’t give a damn about Chicago, you never did. You care about you, Denny Woods.


It's too early to be drinking vodka but whatever.


I got something on everyone, just like you.

Tommy Osha

We can beat this. We will beat it. We're Chicago.


Confess Hank. 27-years on this job. We both know you did not do it clean. Well, the bullet is finally coming for you Hank, it just has to go through Olinsky first.


He told me that you're wasting your time. And that he can't help you get in front of something that you're already in the middle of.


Addie: But I'm not doing anything.
Voight: You're getting your friend killed.

You know, Chief Lugo just told me to call. But I figured I shouldn't waste an opportunity to come by here while I still can. Because pretty soon you and Al are gonna be, uh, tied up.


Chicago PD Season 5 Quotes

Halstead: She's not coming back is she?
Voight: Look it was time for her to move on. You need to make peace with it.

Morgan William's senseless death has caused this city great distress and pain. And as a result, we've gone to great lengths to find someone to blame. Someone to hate. And no one has wanted to hate Detective Halstead more than me. But, the more I learned about what actually transpired that morning, the more I'm convinced Detective Halstead did nothing wrong. In fact, his actions saved several lives, several black lives.

Alderman Price