Voight: Hailey, the problem with crossing lines is that if you cross enough, you forget where they are. You don’t see them anymore.
Upton: I’m seeing just fine, sir.

Look, Vanessa, believe me, it’s real simple. I know it’s not easy, but it is real simple. There’s a clear line between cops and criminals. You chose to be on this side, that was your choice, your call. Nobody chased you. You think I give a damn about your past? That’s going to make you a good cop, maybe a great cop. One day, but if Luis shows up at that buy tomorrow, we’re going to arrest him. It’s real simple.


Upton: Vanessa, you’ve told the people in your life you’re a cop, right?
Rojas: I don’t really have a lot of people. Just him, really. And no, he’s got no idea I’m a cop.

Pissed at her? No, I don’t even know her.


If he's home, talk to him. If he's not, we do a sneak-and-peak off the books. We were never there. Unless we find something. Then we'll do some creative writing.


Upton: Stay warm kittens.
Ruzek: Did she just call us kittens?
Atwater: Think so.

Voight: So, why don't you save the speech, get off my scene.
Paul Staples: Hey, who the hell do you think you are?
Voight: Are you out of your mind?

Upton: I know how hard it is to leave him. I really do. You built a life with him. You love him. But deep down, you know you gotta get out.
Michelle: Shane's not perfect, but he's not what you think.
Halstead: He's a violent criminal who beats women. What are we missing?

Michelle: No, that's not possible.
Upton: He just did a three-year stint for armed robbery, so it's definitely in the realm of possibility.

Pull all the surveillance from the past couple of months. These guys did their homework. Maybe we catch them studying.


Alright, you can roll with Kim. On a short leash. Let me tell you something, you go off on your own while you're with my unit, you're going to see a whole other side of me, you understand?


Roman: You lose a victim? Cause PO at 21 said 'sorry for your loss.'
Burgess: Ruzek and I got together, I got pregnant, and I'm not anymore.

Chicago PD Quotes

Fear is a funny thing. Some of the time, it brings out the worst in people. But fear also brings out our very best. We certainly saw that today. Their love, loyalty, care, and kindness, their support, generosity, and appreciation. And for a certain few among us, fear brings out something different, their choice to be heroic. To stand steady, to hold onto each other, to find a way to hold onto hope, and to lean on each other like family.


Halstead: What do you think?
Upton: I think we keep digging like we said. If he did it, he wouldn't have us out there risking our lives. Voight's a lot of things but selfish isn't one fo them.