Tommy Doyle: It’s fun, the whole undercover thing. It’s kind of like being an actor.
Atwater: Yeah, except these bullets are real.

Doyle is dead cause of Doyle. He did it to himself cause he’s a racist son of a bitch.


Being a hero, being brave, is hard. It don’t pay the bills or do much else. The only thing it does get you is peace of mind. And the belief that you made a difference. And it’s that belief, that feeling that has to be good enough because if you expect more… if you’re looking for praise or high fives, ain’t nobody coming. And the hardest part, no matter how principled you’re going to be or how big the damn stand you decide to take, the odds of something actually changing for the better are close to zero.

Ray Price

No, let me tell you how it is. Kevin Atwater is like a son to me. You go after him, you better come after me too.


Atwater: I’m telling you what I should have told u earlier. There was no probable cause. Doyle saw a black man walking down the street and started profiling.
Voight: And that man was Sean Page?
Atwater: He wasn’t doing anything suspicious. He was just a black man in a bad neighborhood holding a duffel, and Doyle started following him. Eyeballing him. Hopped out of the car. Jammed him up. And that’s when everything popped off.

Tommy Doyle: A lot of buyers in Chicago and you bring this.
J Hawk: The only color Reed cares about is green.

I've been trying to have some fun and get my mind off things, but I cannot seem to do that. Everything I think is gonna make me happy ends up just making me sad, you know?


Man, you're lucky. He was going to put a bullet in your daughter's head because you don't have the guts to cop to who you really are.


I swear, you let your daughter die, and I will kill you myself.


Halstead: Sarge, you know what doesn't add up?
Voight: Huh?
Halstead: We've been searching nonstop, and I think we're pretty good at what we do. How the hell did this guy beat us here?

Platt: If she comes back.
Halstead: What are you talking about?
Platt: The feds have a really sneaky way of holding on to good people. They make them wear nice suits, and they pay them really well.
Halstead: Well, Hailey doesn't like nice suits.
Platt: Uh-huh, I'm sure she doesn't. You miss her, don't you?
Halstead: Yeah, she's my partner.
Platt: Of course.

Upton: Vanessa, you’ve told the people in your life you’re a cop, right?
Rojas: I don’t really have a lot of people. Just him, really. And no, he’s got no idea I’m a cop.

Chicago PD Quotes

Fear is a funny thing. Some of the time, it brings out the worst in people. But fear also brings out our very best. We certainly saw that today. Their love, loyalty, care, and kindness, their support, generosity, and appreciation. And for a certain few among us, fear brings out something different, their choice to be heroic. To stand steady, to hold onto each other, to find a way to hold onto hope, and to lean on each other like family.


Halstead: What do you think?
Upton: I think we keep digging like we said. If he did it, he wouldn't have us out there risking our lives. Voight's a lot of things but selfish isn't one fo them.