You know, when I asked for a break, it was *never* about wanting somebody else.

Nat [to Will]

Will: It didn't go beyond kissing. Well, not much. And I--I thought of you, I put the brakes on. I actually fell asleep on her couch.
Nat: Were you thinking of me when you went home with her?

Ava: I guess we're both in the dog house now.
Connor: Plenty of room for two. Don't worry, you get used to it. Builds character.

Sarah: When I said I didn't wanna see my dad, truth is, I didn't want to want to see him. Does that make sense?
Noah: Uh...
Sarah: It's okay. Doesn't make sense to me either.

You're going to carry this day with you for the rest of your life. And holding a secret on top of will be too much, baby. It'll break you, Carter. It'll break you.


You're not going to lose her. No matter what gender Emma identifies with, she's still going to be your child. The same kid who love chocolate sundaes and hates ballet.


Why don't you stop back seat driving and help me save his life?!

Ava [to Connor]

Noah...I know you Sextons are as thick as thieves, but not every family's like that.


Connor: Are you all of a sudden rooting for my success?
Ava: Not at all, I just hate winning by default.

Connor: What time did you make it home from Molly's last night?
Will: I didn't.
Connor: Oh. Walk of shame? I mean, I've been there.

Will: Is it over and Natalie just doesn't have the heart to tell me? I mean, what is a break anyway?
Connor: Yeah, I might be the wrong guy to ask. Last time a girlfriend asked for a break, she moved to Minneapolis.

To perform an operation with as many moving parts as this, you need confidence that the people you are working with are pulling in the same direction. I fear, Dr. Rhodes, that you are not a team player -- that your are in fact a diva. I'm replacing you with Dr. Bekker.


Chicago Med Quotes

What's the difference between God and a doctor? God knows he's not a doctor.

Dr. Zurney

Dr. Connor Rhodes: Is every day like this?
Sharon Goodwin: Some days, we're busy.