Connor: Look...I am sorry I threw you out of my OR. It was a mistake. It was inexcusable. So how about a peace offering? I'll buy you a drink.
Ava: I don't care about you throwing me out. What I can't stand is you acting so stupidly. Willing to destroy your program in service of arrogance and your ego. So go enjoy your victory, but I don't want any part of it.

April: It's just unfortunate that you can't give anyone a break.
Ethan: Me? You know, I can't win with you. You disapproved when I was tough on Emily, then you walked out when I took her in, and now you're mad at me for telling her how to use a microwave so she doesn't burn my apartment down. I'm not the problem here, April, you are.

That's how Canaryville works; you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.


Our job, in fact, is to treat our patients to the best of our ability while honoring their cultural, spiritual, and religious beliefs.


Daniel: She's holding onto a very strong belief, but other than that she seems entirely reasonable.
Esla: Reasonable? She thinks God is going to save a fetus with a 0% chance of survival. That's delusional.
Daniel: In my experience, it's not always so easy to figure out where belief ends and delusion begins.

Sharon: You didn't consult me on this.
Gwen: It seems to be your mission to fight me on everything. Until that changes, I'm going to be making some decisions unilaterally.

Lanik: What did we do?
Gwen: You are a physician, Dr. Lanik. You know that you don't always get the outcome you want. But that doesn't mean the decision was wrong.

Will: He's old, he's sick. Just let it go.
Jay: That's fine for you to say, you're not the bad guy here.
Will: Jay, c'mon...
Jay: No, seriously, all those times you were away, all those times you said you couldn't leave the hospital, who took care of Dad? Me.

Gwen: Our chief of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Stohl. Very much your man?
Sharon: I think Dr. Stohl is very much his own man.
Gwen: I have not been happy with his performance of late. We're not gonna renew his contract.
Sharon: Really? You'd take this out on him?
Gwen: Stay out of my lane.

You know I'm Catholic. It's a life. We have to protect it.


Ethan: What kind of life can she give a child?
April: It doesn't matter.
Ethan: Of course it matters.

Will: Natalie, look, if you don't want to get married, just say so.
Nat: What? Where is this coming from?
Will: You don't seem to care about the ceremony. Or the reception. It took you a week to say yes.

Chicago Med Quotes

What's the difference between God and a doctor? God knows he's not a doctor.

Dr. Zurney

Dr. Connor Rhodes: Is every day like this?
Sharon Goodwin: Some days, we're busy.