Maggie: Is she all right?
Charles: Apparently the guy she's sweet on is sweet on somebody else.
Maggie: Ouch.
Charles: Yeah, but all the texting...doesn't it just amplify it?
Maggie: 13-year-old girls. Their hearts are just wired differently.

Moody: He was going through a lot back then, but that doesn't mean he was killing people.
Nat: What do you mean?
Moody: I shouldn't have said anything. It's not my story to tell.
Nat: Please. I just want to help.
Moody: Seven years ago, Crockett's baby... Harper... died of leukemia not long after her first birthday.

Kid: Surgery tonight?
Charles: Yes, and then when you're recovering I think it would be a really good idea if -
Kid: How long will I be in the hospital?
Charles: I'd say at least two or three days.
Kid: That won't work. I only have a couple of weeks until I defend my dissertation and if I fail, the last five years of my life will have been a complete waste.

Detective: The timing may not be good, Ms. Goodwin, but this is a police matter.
Goodwin: I am not interrupting Dr. Marcel while he is in surgery.
Detective: Judge just gave me a warrant for his arrest.
Goodwin: I am not interrupting a surgery on an 11-year-old child for any reason. You can take up your concerns with Dr. Marcel when the operation is over.

Nat: Hey, Crockett, what was all that with the detectives?
Marcel: They're investigating a murder from seven years back.
Nat: Well, what did they want with you?
Marcel: My impression is they think I'm a suspect.
Nat: Why would they think that?
Marcel: Because they appear to have got my DNA at the scene;

Maggie: Look who it is. Anna Charles!
Anna: Hi, Maggie.
Maggie: Your dad drag you into work today?
Anna: No, I wanted to come. I like spending time with my dad.

Marcel: Dr. Moody and I go way back. He used to ride motorcycles in med school.
Billy: Dr. Moody rode motorcycles?
Marcel: Yeah, but he had to give it up when he became a pediatrician. Stethoscope kept flying off his neck on the way to work.

Depressed? I hate that word. It's just an excuse for being weak.


Currie: Dr. Halstead, this is crazy. Odds are that woman is gonna die.
Will: That's a risk she's willing to take.
Currie: Are you doing this because of your feelings for Dr. Asher?

April: Dr. Marcel, I think you should find a new hybrid OR nurse.
Marcel: Why? What are you talking about?
April: I slowed you down today.
Marcel: Hey, it was a tough case with new equipment.
April: No. It was because of the whole thing with Ethan.

Currie: You have placenta previa.
Woman: Is that bad?
Will: If we don't stop it.
Woman: You have to stop it! I have brain cancer. Which means, this is my last chance to have a family.

Natalie: Good morning, Crockett. How is your day?
Marcel: Great.
Natalie: You say that every morning.
Marcel: Every morning is great.

Chicago Med Quotes

Chief Boden: Dr Halstead, they tell me that flesh eating bacteria can only be spread through an open cut or wound, but my people just found five people on the same floor dead of it. How is that possible?
Danover: Could be physical contact, a handshake, or something, or people touching their nose or mouth.
Boden: Oh my God. You don't know.

Daniel: I threatened him? Sabotage?
Sarah: Yes!
Daniel: I'm a shrink in a sweater vest, not a secret agent.