Let me put it like this. A victim of abuse is being hauled off to jail. And in my opinion, that's a lousy outcome.


Nat: I don't understand. We had options.
Goodwin: Well, I guess she wasn't willing to spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder, waiting for her husband to get back at her.

Father: What does this mean? What do we do now?
Charles: Well, it might not be a bad idea to find out what put him in a catatonic state in the first place.

April: The couple in Treatment 3 is having sex.
Maggie: I don't get it. The ED is about the last place I'd ever want to have sex.
April: I know.
Maggie: You kow what? God bless the couple who can't keep their hands off each other even in this place.

Let me get this straight. We're going to take away the rights of an abuse victim because she's been abused.


Nat: Hey. I'm not comfortable with this. That woman was abused by her husband.
Marcel: You sure?
Nat: Yes. She should not be making this decision.

I'm not sure what Rick would want me to do. He might rather die than live without a leg.


Nat: There are bruises all the way down your back.
Kim: It must be from the accident.
Nat: No, these are old bruises. It takes a while for bruises to turn yellow like this.
Kim: Oh. I forgot. I fell down the stairs last week.
Nat: I have to ask. Did someone do this to you?

Marcel: So... I wonder if it's gonna snow today.
April: Crockett, it's okay. What happened is in the past.

Charles: We just don't have enough psychiatric resources for kids.
Goodwin: And the Shaws won't be the last family to face a lock-out. But Jamie will get the help he needs. That's a good thing.

I passed on the gene to Axel for Chron's, but not the gene to stop him from being tormented by it.


Lucille was shot? How? She was driving down the highway, alone.


Chicago Med Quotes

Choi: Ms. Goodwin, Dr. Danover, CDC.
Sharon: Ah yes. Welcome to Chicago Med.
Andrea: We've expedited a response team so we -
Will: Hi, Andrea.
Andrea: Will Halstead.
Choi: You two know each other?
Will: Dr. Danover and I were bio majors together in undergrad.

Sarah, nobody learns how to master their fears in two weeks, trust me. It just doesn't happen. Not even to somebody as determined as you are.