Grandmother: I've taken care of Cameron since he was a baby. I tried to protect him from his mama, who was a drug addict who got arrested. Cameron made it out. He has a full scholarship. This can't be happening.
Charles: Mrs. Gantz. All sorts of things happen to us that we can't anticipate. What I've learned, in my experience anyway, is that until we accept the unacceptable we're of no use to anyone.

Do the bloodwork. But just so you know, if you're wrong, this kid could go blind or become comatose.


Doctor: You on the square, fiance?
Philip: What is that supposed to mean?
Doctor: That ring wasn't on her when she was brought in, cause we certainly would have removed it if she had it on her.

Grandmother: No! My grandson's a straight-A student. He's not crazy!
Charles: Of course not. It's possible this is something entirely physical.
Grandmother: Of course it is. You're not admitting him to the psych ward.

Rhodes: I think you killed my father.
Ava: You're as delusional as your mother was.

Connor. I respect you, saving these lives around here. I just gotta make sure you didn't take one.


So Elsa says you refused the gown and the CT scan for head and chest. Typical doctor. Terrible patient.


Charles: So I guess I'm going?
Cici: I'm going. You stay.
Charles: Cici, we just got married. This is supposed to be our honeymoon.
Cici: Danny, I know you want to be there for Will. Stay.

Goodwin: Status on Tim Burke?
Doctor: He's stable.
Goodwin: You can take him.
Doctor: Hey, he dies en route, it won't break my heart.

Philip: Is Natalie okay?
Doctor: Who are you?
Philip: Her fiance.
Doctor: Fiance?
Philip: Yeah, we're engaged.
Doctor: We didn't get the memo.

Look, I am excited to spend the rest of my life with you, but I don't want you holding back. I don't want any secrets.

Nat [to Will]

You remember how Father Brady talked about communication today? What the hell, Will?


Chicago Med Quotes

Maggie: Quick, nurses' creedo:
Monique: Sometimes cure, treat often, comfort always.
Maggie: Uh-uh. Don't kill your patient...
All nurses: ...Because that's the doctor's job.

Natalie: How dare you?
Jeff: I know, I shouldn't have --
Natalie: I am *not* a damsel in distress and I do *not* need you to defend me.