You cast a long shadow. It's time I got out from under it.


April, we are nurses. Just because we know what to do doesn't mean we have the authority to do it.


Charles: So, your day going any better?
Sharon: No. Actually, it's gone off a cliff.

Zero pain is something. Everything else is history repeating itself. Procedure after procedure and all of them are colossal failures.


Will: I know a brain tumor can be scary, but yours is treatable.
Liam: Surgery.
Charles: It'll correct your peripheral vision as well.
Liam: But I'd lose my wife.

Dr. Veroni: I'm a cardiologist. I can help.
Ethan: Thanks, but technically you're only supposed to see patients who are part of your clinical trial.

Woman: Body radiating.
Marcel: Radiating? That's not a lay term. You a doctor?
Woman: No. Professional patient.

Daniel: Uh-oh.
Sharon: Michael and me, it's been a little rocky the last few weeks.
Daniel: Parenthood. It's a life sentence, right?

Nat's Mother: So, Crockett, Natalie tells me that your parents immigrated from Iran. Does that mean your family is Muslim?
Marcel: No, actually, we're Zoroastrian.
Nat's Mother: Zoroastrian? I'm sorry. I've never...
Marcel: Yeah. Dates back to ancient Persia. Three main pillars: Good thoughts, good words, good deeds. Not always so easy.

Nat: So. Your name. Crockett Marcel. It doesn't seem very Persian.
Marcel: Yeah. My birth name is Dayoush. Dayoush Jaraboni. My parents changed my name to make it easier in school. They chose Marcel because it was popular in New Orleans.
Nat: And Crockett? Where does that come from?
Marcel: My Pops was a big fan of Miami Vice. Sonny Crockett. True story.

Sharon: I don't know what you said [to the patient in Farsi] but it seemed to make him feel better.
Marcel: Yeah. I said he had a good kid and he should give him a chance.

Going behind my back, throwing Hail Marys? We got the win today but you and I still have a problem.


Chicago Med Quotes

Roger, that excuse is so lame it needs crutches!


Mr. Lu: If you two don't agree, how can I make this decision?
Marcel: Mr. Lu, I know - WE know how hard this is.
Lu: I don't think you do. I lost my wife two years ago. The world is upside down. When we were in the parking lot, some lady yelled at us, 'You brought COVID here. It's YOUR fault.'