Man #1: They're complaining about the horns.
Man #2: They knew they were by the tracks when they moved in.
Man #1: As long as we stay one step ahead of the lunatics, I'm happy.
Man #2: You mean the taxpayers?

Laura: All I got was boom and a flying body.
Antonio: The victim didn't make it. Christopher Jones.
Laura: No way.
Antonio: Was he somebody? Is that why we were called in?
Laura: That was Alderman Christopher Jones. Mr. Bomb Train.
Antonio: Was he for or against?
Laura: What do you think?

Valdez: We can get you protection.
Williams: Protection. I'm sure that sounds good from the comfort of your law office up here. But we're talking about the law of the streets. You think locking Keo up's gonna solve anything?
Stone: So where are you gonna go?
Williams: Andre and me'll stay with friends for a few days. After that, I don't know. I just gotta do whatever it takes to keep me and Andre alive.

Jeffries: Let me tell you something. A couple years ago I went down to Tennessee to meet the lawyer that was helping my parents draft their wills. His walls were lined with paintings of trees. You wanna know why? He set out to paint every tree where a black man had been lynched. 300 years in the making of white kids killing black kids.
Stone: That doesn't mean that we can't make things better.
Jeffries: Better's gotta come from the inside. Not from politicians like me or do-gooders like you. You know, there's a lot of people who think nothing's gonna change til the mothers and fathers in my community start acting like mothers and fathers. Reading books, setting a few rules for their kids.
Stone: I didn't say that.
Jeffries: But you think it, don't you?
Stone: Guilty as charged. But you and I both know it's a lot more complicated than that.

Phone Company Rep: The Supreme Court last year ruled that we are a public utility. We can't pick and choose who we provide service to.
Stone: Are you saying that this court has no authority to shut down these users' smartphones?
Phone Company Rep: I wouldn't have a problem if these users could appeal.
Stone: So you're saying that these users issuing death threats with their smartphones doesn't violate the terms of their agreements with you?
Phone Company Rep: Maybe, maybe not.

Valdez: I can't go across the hall without taking my cell phone.
Stone: But you're not using it to light up members of a rival gang.
Valdez: Maybe there's a way to do it more surgically. File complaints with the social media apps they're using.
Stone: I can name 10 messaging apps off the top of my head. These gang members can migrate from one to another as easily as I can open a beer.
Valdez: Whoa, it was just a thought.
Stone: This city's buried too many of its children.

Atwater: Hey, Keo! Come here for a sec. [shows badge]
Keo: I'm busy.
Atwater: Oh, you gonna make me come over there? All right. Let's see who all has a warrant.
[Keo comes over] Keo: What?
Atwater: These gentlemen are from the State Attorney's office. They wanna ask you a few questions about Stackhouse.
Keo: Stackhouse? He's locked up.
Dawson: Not anymore. He says you were with him a couple months ago over at Marshall when he shot that girl.
Keo: What? Check this! Stackhouse's tryin' to pin a case on me.
Stone: No one said anything about a case.
Keo: Y'all didn't come all the way out here for the scenery.
Dawson: Maybe we need to go somewhere to discuss this where we'll have your full attention.
Keo: You arresting me? Cause I didn't drill down nobody!
[Dawson and Stone walk away]
Keo: Oh, I guess black lives do matter.

Jeffries: It's like the Wild West out there and we can't even get a murder conviction.
Stone: Just because a different kid was babysitting the weapon doesn't mean the right person isn't sitting at the defense table.
Jeffries: Is the other kid in the same gang?
Valdez: As far as we can tell, he's a model citizen.

Andre: Is my uncle in some sort of trouble?
Dawson: That depends on what happens here. Your uncle found your gun.
Andre: What gun?
Laura: The one he found under your mattress.
Andre: I don't know nothing about any gun. I mean, if he found it, it's not mine.
Dawson: Did you shoot somebody?
Andre: Shoot somebody? No sir.
Dawson: If that gun was used in a shooting we're gonna find out about it. Now maybe we can help you but once we walk out of here, all bets are off. [pause]
Laura: Bad choice, Andre.
Dawson: Go back to class.

Man: I'd like to give back a gun.
Dawson: Where'd you serve?
Man: Iraq. [waits while gun is removed from bag] I was sweating bullets. If I got stopped with that thing...
Dawson: It's jammed.
Laura: Let me see it.
Man: I still gonna get the money even though it's broke?
Dawson: Of course.
Man: Good. I wanna buy my kid a clarinet. I figured this'll get me enough for a used one.
[Laura looks at barrel]
Laura: You see that?
Dawson: You're gonna have to come with us.
Man: Why? What'd I do?
Laura: That's blood splatters. We're pretty sure your gun has a body on it.

Bannon: A well regulated Militia, comma, being necessary to the security of a free State, comma, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
Stone: Of all the amendments, that's not the one I'd think you'd quote in a bar.
Bannon: If it weren't for that damn second comma, we might not be here.
Stone: That and Justice Scalia.
Bannon: May he rest in peace.

Abigail: Have you ever put someone away, Mr. Stone, who you weren't sure was 100% guilty?
Stone: Yes.
Abigail: Do you think about them?
Stone: I do.
Abigail: What if I can't do it?
Stone: Then there's a chance Kennedy's killer will go unpunished.

Chicago Justice Quotes

Antonio: Did he confess, Al?
Olinsky: The son of a bitch killed Lexi.

Enormous tragedies make career cases. You win this one, it could make your career. You lose, it could destroy mine.