Bobby: I thought we were done with this.
Antonio: Done with what?
Bobby: Cops.
Antonio: You Jerry Burrows?
Bobby: No, Bobby. My dad's not home. He's working.
Antonio: Working where?
Bobby: All over. He's a cabbie. Look, I'm busy.
Antonio: Doing what?
Bobby: Calling my lawyer.

Eric: You ever tell your partner what happened at the prom?
Laura: He embarrasses too easily. Eric, we found the heroin in your car.
Eric: It wasn't mine.
Laura: Tell us what you remember.
Eric: I didn't see Marzak. I couldn't see diddly. The lights were in my eyes.

Suspect: I'm gonna tell you the same thing I told the detective. Eat me.
Laura: Sorry, I'm on duty.

Laura: CIs are good folks. They risk their lives for us.
Stone: Yeah, and in exchange they stay out of prison.
Laura: So we're supposed to turn our backs on them?

Woman: I didn't know who else to call. Why would anyone shoot him, Laura?
Laura: I don't know.
Woman: What if he doesn't make it?
Laura: He's strong.
Woman: He was a good brother.
Laura: He's gonna be a good brother for a long time.

Ted: Emma and I were just having dinner.
Antonio: That's good, cause the food at Cook County sucks.
Laura: In other words, you're under arrest for felony murder.
Ted: What? What did Jane tell you?
Emma: Daddy, can we have ice cream?
Ted: Yeah, just a second, sweetie. [starts to close door]
Laura: We can do this in one of two ways. Either you can come with us without a fuss and this nice social worker can sit with Emma while she finishes her dinner or we can drag Daddy out kicking and screaming in front of his ten-year-old daughter.

Valdez: A quiet donut. ADQ. Each person should be punished only for the harm they caused.
Jeffries: First of all, I went to law school too. Secondly, this woman ran down an alderman. I'd say that's pretty damn harmful.
Valdez: She was trying to save her ten-year-old daughter!
Jeffries: Who was probably bored out of her skull because she was at the museum with her classmates. Charge her. The more the better.

Jeffries: So no one was kidnapped?
Stone: It was a virtual kidnapping.
Jeffries: Unfortunately, Christopher Jones' funeral is real.

Ted: Why didn't she call the cops?
Antonio: She was ordered not to.
Ted: Well, that's the first time she did what anyone told her to.

Laura: Jane Reynolds?
Jane: No, no, no, no, no. Leave that alone.
[Antonio holds up a wad of cash]
Laura: You're gonna have to come with us.
Jane: You don't understand. They have my daughter!

Antonio: Why do these people give me a headache?
Laura: Maybe it's all the CO2 in the air.
Antonio: Or maybe it's all the methane coming out when they open their mouths.

Bobby: Last month they sabotaged the toilets at Economy Oil and Gasoline. Last week they chained themselves to gas pumps.Today they ran over Alderman Christopher Jones.
Jeffries: We don't know that, Bobby.
Bobby: Did the driver stop or call for help? I didn't think so. There's no way this was an accident.

Chicago Justice Quotes

Antonio: Did he confess, Al?
Olinsky: The son of a bitch killed Lexi.

Enormous tragedies make career cases. You win this one, it could make your career. You lose, it could destroy mine.