Maybe you should ponder that situation for a while, instead of struttin' around here, shaking your ass.


That's what not only makes him a good firefighter, but a good man.


Losing that mug was the best thing that ever happened to this place.


Matt: I guess that's the crux of it, the thing I've never really understood.
Gabby: What?
Matt: When you adopted Louie without me, when you hid the fact that you were helping Bria. You make these big emotional decisions as if my input doesn't matter.
Gabby: Baby, of course it matters. I care deeply how you feel, but I can't be dependent on it, or on you.
Matt: Why not, Gabby? What's wrong with being dependent on someone who loves you with everything he has?!

Gabby: Listen, I'm sorry I jumped at you on that call. I --
Sylvie: I have never been spoken to like that before in my life. Not on the sidewalk, not at work, certainly not by someone who's supposed to be my partner.

Spencer: You guys bring any food?
Sylvie: Uh, no, that's Postmates.
Spencer: Can you call them?

Cruz [about the success of the Slamigan]: I figured I'd celebrate.
Stella: By booking two nights at one of the most romantic spots in America? You taking Otis? Hmm?

Gabby: I don't want to be rash or impulsive...but I've decided that we're gonna keep trying for a baby.
Matt: You've decided?
Gabby: Well, it's my body, so it's my choice.

So obviously it was bad advice! Since I said it, you haven't been able to sleep, you had sex with a married woman, you got punched in the face, and now you blew a big Slamigan sale.


Mouch: Did you guess the secret ingredient?
Stella: Oh.....No.
Mouch: Stawberries!
Capp [from further down the table]: Oh great. Now I don't get to guess!

Renee and Kelly may be working on a case together. That's fine, but now she knows not to angle for anything more than that. [Herrmann laughs] I might have gone a little psycho, but a girl's got to get proactive sometimes.


Stella: And I have got to give it to you for pulling out all the stops.
Renee: I don't know what you mean.
Stella: Oh, come on. A job that suddenly brings you close. A cute kid. Look, whatever you're up to, I'm just gonna warn you now. Do not mess with Kelly.

Chicago Fire Quotes

Stella: How's the new partner?
Brett: Well, he's either called me you, girl or a general grunt. How did you work here?

Severide: There's one thing that's become crystal clear in all of this.
Casey: What's that?
Severide: It's either him or me. I'm not going anywhere.