Either this is the most boring dream I've ever had or you can't sleep either.

Castle: When a life altering moment occurs, people remember.
Beckett: Maybe it's too big to deal with, maybe he can't face it yet.

Beckett: He's a human killer with a human motive.
Castle: He's a zombie killer with a zombie motive. Eating brains.

There's no way this is real. NYPD! Stop moving and stop pretending to be zombies!


If you want to see some real zombies, check out the red carpet at the Tony Awards.


If you want to punish Beckett, at least let her know why.


It seems Detective Beckett is available for a play date.


I think it's time to holster the laser guns and be adults.


My friends, that is a zombie. The killer is a zombie!

Who is going to play with me?

You have thirty seconds to suit up.

Do you want it badly enough to get over being hurt?

Castle Season 4 Quotes

Keep it, I resign.


Well done, Sherlock.