Billy: What are we doing?
Joanna: We're sitting in a park drinking potpourri and waiting for a judge to decide our fate.
Billy: No. What are we gonna do? What do you wanna do?
Joanna: I don't know. And I hate not knowing.
Billy: Shaky says 'I don't know' is the greatest prayer in the world.
Joanna: Who's Shaky?

Joanna: None of my clients can afford me your honor.
Cleardawn Lawyer: Are you bragging?
Judge: Are you Miss Chang?
Joanna: I am simply stating an indisputable fact. They couldn't afford you either, or you, your honor, back in the day. All of our clients live below the poverty line. They have limited economic means, limited access to justice.
Cleardawn lawyer: These people are poor. That doesn't magically give her case merit, your honor.
Judge: Why don't you let me decide that, Mr. Page.
Cleardawn Lawyer: She's playing on the court's sympathies.
Joanna: I'm not playing at anything. This isn't a game. These are children we're talking about. Being poor in this country means that you're more likely to have your children taken. That's a fact. And it makes it ten times harder for you to get those kids back. Also just a fact.
Cleardawn Lawyer: You honor --
Judge: Let her finish.
Joanna: Being poor is the commonality here. Certification is these parents' only chance at justice. And a class action is their only viable legal recourse. Thank you, your honor

Joanna: We are going to lose. All these people put their faith in me and I'm about to let them down.
Billy: Hey you do not stop fighting until the fight is done. That one's also you. You're very quotable. So wipe the sweat off your face and get back in the ring.
Joanna: If this is what being a mother is like, constantly not being good enough, disappointing people, disappointing yourself, gives me a whole new appreciation for my own.
Billy: Well, you should tell her that. After we win certification.

Joanna: You're honor, I request a recess.
Judge: On what grounds?
Joanna: I'm pregnant.
Judge: Relevance?
Joanna: I have to pee.

Luna: Sisters fight. And they forgive.
Taylor: Is that what we are?
Luna: If we choose to be.

Taylor: Used to hang out at this spot all the time. Think I smoked my first joint under this very tree. That was not pretty.
Luna: Molly and I had our first kiss here.
Taylor: Ugh. I mean is the tree cursed?
Luna: Pretty sure it's just a tree.

Woman: And why should we trust you? Someone who isn't even a mother?
Joanna: Another excellent question. Why should you trust someone who isn't a mother? (laughs).
Woman: This is funny to you?
Joanna: No. No, this isn't funny at all. It's just I'm pregnant. I don't know if I can be one. A mother. I don't even know if I want to be one. I am standing in a room full of reasons not to be, and that terrifies me. But this isn't about me, although I've kind of turned things that way. I'm sorry. This isn't how I intended to do this. Any of this. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to be a parent. And I know that you didn't do what they said you did. So let's make this about getting you justice and bringing your children home.

Taylor: I forgot how small this town was. Why can't you ever run into people you like.
Diane: Because if you like someone, you're supposed to go out and find them. And apologize.
Taylor: Apologize?
Diane: I'm just guessing that we're talking about Luna. Look whatever you did, or think you did, it's not as easy to break a connection as you think.
Taylor: Has anyone ever told you how good you are at what you do?
Diane: Yes. It's always nice to hear it again.

My name is Hank and I'm addicted to everything. I've been clean for, uh, seven days. The last time I used I was with my son, Billy here. I hadn't seen him in a lot of years. And I had to go and screw it up all over again. I don't know if I'll ever forgive myself for that.


Kodie: You tell me to stay strong and be brave but I'm here all alone.
Joanna: You aren't alone in this Kodie. So many other mothers have gone through this and it's time for us to bring them into this fight. We are gonna force the courts to hear us because we'll be too loud for them not to. We're gonna certify as a class action.

Hank: You haven't been calling me back.
Billy: Yeah, that's how ignoring people works.
Hank: I heard you might be going after Cleardawn Labs.
Billy: Wait, how do you know that?
Hank: This is Millwood kid, everybody knows everything.

Eric: How can you tell if an addict's lying? Her lips are moving.
Luna: You know, they uh, they make that same joke about lawyers.

Burden of Truth Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Joanna: Doctor, I just have one more question. Do you think that I should proceed with this pregnancy?
Doctor: Well, what do you want?
Joanna: I want to get back to work.

Joanna: How long can a person work in this condition?
Doctor: It's a pregnancy. We haven't called it a condition since the fifties, but, it really depends.
Joanna: Depends on what?
Doctor: Depends on the pregnancy and the person. There's a lot of personal hereditary factors.
Joanna: Do any of those hereditary factors include mental illness?
Doctor: Yes. Some.
Joanna: What about sociopathic tendencies? Yeah, that's just my side. His side's riddled with mental illness, garden variety addiction. So, we're pretty much screwed, right?