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Fanny: My gosh my lashes are crooked. I've been driving around with crooked lashes for an hour and noboy told me?
Michelle: Yeah, where's a good drag queen when you need one?

Have you ever put ground glass in your rival's toe shoe?

The Ringer

You need a fourth. Watch The Craft.


You always end the conversation one sentence too late.


Michelle: Are those jumps?
Sasha: It's so sad that you have to ask.
Michelle: Seriously. Did they learn in a room with low ceilings?

They have bottomless mimosas here, which frankly I just see as a challenge.


Oh sure, just tell everyone the Jewish girl's in the attic!


Fanny: And you realize that's how every great performer made it, by waiting quietly.
Michelle: Oh you know what I mean.
Fanny: I'm sure when Brad Pitt was starting out he just sat at home, waiting for people to find him.

Oh please, vibrate still makes that annoying buzzing sound everyone hears even though we're supposed to pretend we can't hear it.

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