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Parking always seemed like such a racket to me, but now....!


I say after class we check the town for pods.


Yelp is for people who photograph their food. Ooh! Candles.


Every year! The same decades old projector, the same terrifying movie, the 1976 "The Miracle of Life." You know what the miracle is? That anybody got pregnant given the amount of body hair goin' on.


Michelle: Did you just see Katniss run by?
Truly: With a bow and arrow? Yeah.

Boo: I saw Magic Mike twice.
Carl: That's it? Really? All this is because you smell?
Boo: Yes.
Carl: Great. I totally get it. Channing Tatum is a fine actor.

Michelle: You know I don't do blind dates.
Talia: It's not blind, you have a picture.
Michelle: It's a woman with a moth eating her face!

Oh little one, I have done all that you have done or shall do. Thought of all you have thought or shall think. I am all knowing. I am Michelle.


And the ghost of Donald O'Connor applauds you as well!

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