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Michelle: Wow. That Cozette. She's very...
Melanie: Intense?
Michelle: Weird. But I mean weird in a good way. But who the hell is she?
Melanie: Beats me.
Michelle: And why does she bring that sketch artist with her everywhere she goes?
Ginny: That's her brother.
Michelle: Oh. Okay. Yeah, not any less weird. Who brings their brother with them everywhere they go. Oh, hey Scotty. This is my brother, Scotty!

That's what our lives are now, Carl. We're sticky and we're tired. Adjust.


Michelle: So you bolted. When?
Scotty: Right after YMCA.
Michelle: Well, ya gotta stay for that.

See? It's the perfect thing for us cause you're an expert on the ocean and I like taking fish.


Jordan: Focus! Without focus you're life is going to be jumping from one alcoholic boyfriend to another. Is that what you want?
Matisse: I don't think so...

Let's toast. I like to seal deals with shots of any sort of blue alcohol.


I think I forgot to finish high school.


Fanny: This is a tiny boutique. You use the bathroom in a tiny boutique, everybody knows. They're listening.
Michelle: What if you had tacos for lunch?
Fanny: Then you don't go shopping!

Every time we have a conversation I feel like I need to add more movie channels.

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