J.P.: I don't know what to do with you.
Bull: Well I can think of a a few things, but you don't want to hear them.
J.P.: Later, gator.
Bull: In a while, crocodile.

J.P.: I'm depending on you, Mr. Bull. I am all the way out there on this; me, Cecilia, and her little boy.
Bull: I'm certainly here for you.
J.P.: Are you?

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Bull: I'm trying to save her life, I'm sorry if that doesn't work with your business model.
J.P.: How dare you. You call yourself a psychologist. Wake up, Bull. That women is never taking a deal. The only lifeline she has is us defending her in court.

Cecilia: I will do anything for him and he will do anything for me.
Bull: I'm sorry, but other than write a big check to J.P. and send armed goons into the street, I haven't seen him do a damn thing.

J.P.: So how does this work? I mean in terms of you doing what you do.
Bull: I don't know. I've never been here before.

They've seen the news, they know who's on trial. No one wants to end up on the bottom of the Atlantic.

Bull: What are we doing?
J.P.: Defending a young mother accused of something she didn't do.
Bull: Save that stuff for the law review. If you want to defend young mothers I'll drive you to the Bronx and throw a rock and hit 25 of them.

You know this would be a whole lot easier if you didn't carry that face around every time we did business.

And you don't think there's the itsy bitsiest chance that he might be footing the bill for you, me and Battlestar Galactica here?

Bull: I think the world must have been an easier place to navigate when everything we did, every secret we had, every thing we looked up, wondered about, dreamt about, tried to accomplish, failed to accomplish, give up on, or succeed wasn’t stored forever in one place where someone, maybe even our government can see it and judge it and then use it against us without our permission. Cause you know what happens in a country like that?
J.P.: People stop looking things up. People stop wondering and people stop dreaming. They don't fail. They just don't do anything because when their right to privacy is taken away, their ability to move forward, to reinvent themselves, to imagine something better is taken away too.

Go to bed, Bull. It will go so much faster without you here.


I just think that people should be entitled to fail without the whole world knowing. That we shouldn't let the bad guys hurt the good guys but we also shouldn't penalize the good guys if we can avoid it.


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Callisto isn't a who. Callisto is a where, geographically situated in west Texas, population 25,000, but in the legal world it's located somewhere between the sixth and seventh circles of Hell.


Bull: Rule #1: The client is the enemy.