As a brilliant trial scientist once said to me, if anyone tells you they know how a criminal proceeding is going to end, they've never been to more than one.


Bull: Helping this woman will not change the fact that I did nothing to help my own sister.
Marissa: It's true. You failed at being God. You are responsible for everyone and everything.
Bull: Just indulge me. Let me wallow in my own self pity.
Marissa: You know what, Jason? Your sister was an adult. She made her own decisions, her own choices about who to be with, and nothing you could have done could have changed that.

Bull: You ever heard of Battered Women's Syndrome?
Mark: They have a syndrome now?
Bull: My older sister was married to a gym teacher. Ran the youth ministry at church, chaired the big school carnival to raise money for cancer research, and when they'd fight, which apparently was more than anybody realized, he'd get her on the ground and kick her. He weighed 215, she weighed 122, and one day he kicked her too hard, ruptured her spleen. Six hours later she was gone.

Mark Burns: You're out of your mind.
Bull: And you're out of your depth.

It is horrible, it's also daunting from a legal perspective. How do you prove that shooting someone while they slept is in fact self defense?


Mr. Assistant District Attorney, you're not a stupid man. You know you're not getting a conviction against George Brown. Not today, not ever and that's with me and my team having about a week to prepare. You put my client through another year of this hell and I promise you I will spend every day of that year getting ready for the new trial, and when we meet again, you won't know what hit you.

My children are named after parents I never knew anything about and a brother-in-law I never met. Why would he do that? That's not a lie he needed to tell me and how many more of those are there?


George: How is she doing?
Bull: About as well as can be expected given that after ten years of marriage she just found out she doesn't really know you. She doesn't know your real name.

Apparently he's been making them look like fools for 20 years. I don't think Johnnie Cochran could have gotten him off.


A man can't be found guilty of a murder simply because it happened in his midst, and he absolutely can't be found guilty of a murder in which he took no part and was not even aware.

I do my job, you do your job, the system does the rest.


I'm just trying to figure out how you got that gigantic head of yours through that teeny, tiny, door.


Bull Quotes

Callisto isn't a who. Callisto is a where, geographically situated in west Texas, population 25,000, but in the legal world it's located somewhere between the sixth and seventh circles of Hell.


Bull: Rule #1: The client is the enemy.