That's why I normally make it a point not to work on behalf of immature slackers who quit without notice, lie without giving it a second thought, and jump off rooftops without any regard for the people they leave behind, but that's just me.

She is representing her client like a pit bull and she's not going to let a pesky thing like the truth stand in her way.

Bull: Oh no, Ms Cander. Nothing like a little irony on your driver's license to keep your mood in check.
Arti Cander: Says the man named Bull.

Benny: Nice of you to do this.
Bull: Represent someone I don't remember on a matter I know almost nothing about to make his parents, whom I’ve never met, feel better. Yeah, I'm a peach.

There's nothing scarier than realizing your brain is plotting against you.


Gwen: I'm withdrawing from the case.
Lacey: You're what?
Gwen: Our Union is happy to come to the aid of our members when they've been wrongly accused of a crime. We're even happy to help when they've admitted to a crime, when we think there are extenuating circumstances that will impact the lives of working teachers. I am not about to spend our very limited time and resources on what I now realize is a suicide mission.

What is it about what we do that makes it so hard to trust people?


There are far more teachers who vote in elections than district attorneys.

Ladies, Gentleman. Don't get up, I wouldn't for you.

Let me explain something to you. Yes, you have money on your side and a small gaggle of attorneys, but your gaggle all specialize in one thing; keeping your clients out of court, and court is where I live every single day. I have more experience in court than all of Bartlett & Dunn put together, so if that's where you want to work this out, so be it. But if you wake up in the middle of the night and change your mind, that's my cell number.

Plantiff: I have cancer, Dr. Bull. At the least I'm owed is an apology for what they've done to me.
Bull: I hear you and I agree, but that's never going to happen. Let me be clear, in a civil case the only good that can come is financial. No one is going to say they're sorry. No one from Warwick Furniture Manufacturing is going to jail, and no one can take away your cancer. All you can hope to win is money and that's what’s on the table.

Marissa: Were you drinking last night?
Bull: Was it a day that ends in Y?

Bull Quotes

Callisto isn't a who. Callisto is a where, geographically situated in west Texas, population 25,000, but in the legal world it's located somewhere between the sixth and seventh circles of Hell.


Bull: Rule #1: The client is the enemy.