Kirsten: You think I killed Johnny?
Samantha: I can't say that would shock us.

Bud: How do you women do it.
Megan: Do what?
Bud: Survive pregnancy?

Peter: What if you find the answer and you don't like it?
Megan: Jokes on me I guess.

Zack: Yes, we were very close.
Bud: Not that close. She was about to marry someone else.

You're not dressing like a hooker, you're not dying your hair, and you're not getting a nose job.


There were enough flowers in that bridal suite to choke a bumblebee.


Can you not eat that heart attack in front of me?


I know we should say something wise, but sometimes work is just work.


You'll be saving a whole rain forest by the time you're done.


You Alvarez me again I will kick you bowlegged.


Megan: You're being unusually helpful.
Curtis: And you're being unusually quiet.

There is a gaping hole in his torso. Doctor, I believe that's your department.


Body of Proof Season 2 Quotes

Curtis: I'm glad somebody's in bed with the right people.
Megan: We all have our talents.

Peter: Is your paresthesia acting up again?
Megan: No, my mother is.