Peter: I didn't know that you were into that who May/December thing.
Megan: Said the man dallying with a teenager.

I do trust you, you know. High profile or no profile.


I really hate being quoted back to myself.


Megan: Zip it flatfoot, I'm grumpy.
Bud: You're usually Snow White.

Sick means good, which as a doctor I find particularly disturbing.


Ethan: Cuddle time?
Curtis: Say that again we'll have a whole other crime scene.

I'm on a diet. The last place I should be is a freezer full of food so don't poke a hungry bear.


This is every bit as awkward as I'd imagined.


The only people who get promoted in a family business are family.


Ethan: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Curtis: You're petty and immature? Yeah.

It's a match. This meat tenderizer is guilty.


Haven't you heard, I'm cold blooded.


Body of Proof Season 2 Quotes

Curtis: I'm glad somebody's in bed with the right people.
Megan: We all have our talents.

Peter: Is your paresthesia acting up again?
Megan: No, my mother is.