I'm going to wake up screaming in the middle of the night years from now because I didn't think of that.


Let's not do the happy dance yet, we still have no clue what this disease is.


Samantha: If we do our jobs, we could save the world.
Bud: That was good. Let's grab our capes.

Samantha: What do you hear?
Bud: Some crack pot telling me we're all going to die.

He's doing his job. I'm doing my job. What are you doing exactly?


If my lab goes all to hell it's because of your duct taped ass.


Your fancy words don't impress me. I've performed brain surgeries you couldn't even spell.


Remind me to never investigate a plague again.


This is icky stuff, you don't want any part of this.


Roofies mean never having to say you're sorry.


This could possibly be the worst date ever.


Megan; Wow, visiting you at work is a lot more satisfying than the other way around.

Body of Proof Season 2 Quotes

Curtis: I'm glad somebody's in bed with the right people.
Megan: We all have our talents.

Peter: Is your paresthesia acting up again?
Megan: No, my mother is.