You're abandoning Team Belcher?! How can you do that to us?! You're a Belcher-dict Arnold!


Half bumper car, half go-kart, ALL BALLS!


Tina: Maybe Mom and Dad would sponsor a go-kart if it was advertising for the restaurant.
Louise: They can't even support their electric bill.

I'll be like Al Capone with breasts.


Awww, so cute! Your burger and his beer are making little belly babies!


Hard to hate a guy who gives you raisins!


If I'm online, I'm looking at sloths!


One hall pass to rule them all!


Mr. Frond: Tina, think you can handle this?
Tina: I don't think you can handle how much I can handle this, Mr. Frond.

Rudy: I guess when you're hall monitor, you have to leave your feelings in your locker.
Tina: And lose the combination.

I can't tell you my full name! You know Mom won't tell me my middle name!


Rudy: Tina, can I just say you inspire me.
Tina: I know.