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We've been on the road for 18 hours. I need a bath, some chow and then you and me sit down and we talk about who dies.


Pretty girl, pretty name, she doesn't look blind.


Gyp: We got a lot in common huh?
Chalky: And what's that?
Gyp: We both got left out in the sun too long. Maybe you a little longer eh?
Chalky: You just ain't done cookin yet friend.

Everything connects Charlie, whether you know it or not.


This isn't the time for hurt feelings.


I envy you, a little.


There's a fu-king wing here named after me! Get a god damn stretcher!


Every bottle accounted for tonight. That's 1200 cases, 24 bottles per, that's 28,800 bottles. See, that's math... that's useful.


Nucky: There's a line and you know it.
Chalky: That line can move.

I ain't got to spell it, just pay for em.


Everything of mine is bigger than Nucky's.


Sagorsky: I won't have you spreading your legs for some side show freak!
Richard: Would you pay a dime, to see this?

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Boardwalk Empire Quotes

Flip a coin. When it's in the air, you'll know what side you're hoping for.


Purity, sobriety, and the white Christian's Jesus.

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