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I went to college for a year. It's where I picked up all my bad habits.


All of man's troubles come from his inability to sit in a quiet room by himself.

Arnold Rothstein

What was brought to my door I returned.


Al: Glad I got that out of my system.
Chalky: You and me both.

Gyp: You're a pistol Red.
Gillian: Then why don't you pull my trigger and see what shoots out.

Gillian: Must be hard to be away from your girls.
Gyp: Huh?
Gillian: Your two daughters.
Gyp: Oh yeah, yeah, at that age you take off for a few days you miss so much.
Gillian: How old are they?
Gyp: Sixteen and fourteen I think.

Arnold: Mr. Doyle.
Mickey: Am I disturbing you?
Arnold: Yes!

Everyone dies, not everyone keeps their promises.


What's a handshake with you supposed to be worth?


We've been on the road for 18 hours. I need a bath, some chow and then you and me sit down and we talk about who dies.


Pretty girl, pretty name, she doesn't look blind.


Gyp: We got a lot in common huh?
Chalky: And what's that?
Gyp: We both got left out in the sun too long. Maybe you a little longer eh?
Chalky: You just ain't done cookin yet friend.

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Boardwalk Empire Quotes

Kingdoms rise, kingdoms fall. Pretenders reach for the throne but only Caesar can rule and the pretenders fade away. What does it all mean? In the words of Marcus Aurelius, the universe is change, our life is what our thoughts make it. And my thoughts are this, everybody in this room, is going to get rich.

Salvatore Maranzano

Flip a coin. When it's in the air, you'll know what side you're hoping for.

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