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History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme. The fuck does that mean?

Al Capone

Margaret: Nothing changes does it? Men to guard you, plans within plans. Things you say and things you don't.
Nucky: Maybe I've had my fill.

You can rule by fear or you can rule by love. Remember that if you're ever in charge.

Al Capone

Margaret: Is this a fight? I can't tell.
Nucky: We've had all the fights we're going to have.

Nucky: Why did you even come here?
Margaret: Because you and I have a problem.
Nucky: But only one of us has a solution... Partners in crime.

Remember sport. Safety in numbers.

Joe Kennedy

Scotch and Rum don't really mix.

Joe Kennedy

Fuck Wallace Beery, I'm the real movie star. There's not a kid in America that don't know my name.

Al Capone

Margaret: He and I...
Nucky: Oh no. Really? No.
Margaret: Not that. Why does everyone assume? I helped him with stock information in exchange for an apartment.
Nucky: How'd you come up with that?
Margaret: I asked myself what you would do.

Nucky: What are you trying to prove? That you've got a better excuse than me, for being a crook?
Joe Kennedy: We can play with words but I've never broken a law in my life.
Nucky: I'd call that a technicality.
Joe Kennedy: I'd call that good business.
Nucky: If that helps you sleep.

Nucky: Doesn't have to be a contest.
Joe Kennedy: Isn't it always?
Nucky: Not if we go in together.
Joe Kennedy: Why you?

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Fern: Does she know what you are.
Chalky: She knew what I was.

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