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Blue bloods

Sometimes around here it's like Danny's made of armor and I'm made of toothpicks.


Despite what the sign says out front if you're here for an emergency you're in the wrong place.


Take your worst fear, multiply it by 100. You're not even in the ball park. You're not even in the parking lot next to the ball park.


It's like you're a cover girl for Ulcers Illustrated.


Now my own granddaughter's going to become a crooked politician.


The ACs pumping out heat and it won't stop. It's like a coming attraction for Hell up here.


The guy doesn't brush his teeth without an agenda.


Frank: She'd be twice the DMO Glaser was.
Garrett: Yeah, so would a house plant.

I've never traded on the fact that Frank Reagan is my father, I'm not about to start now.


Erin: Thank you for coming, Sophia.
Sophia: The police didn't give me much choice.

We have truth on our side that's all the evidence that we need.


Garrett: Care to share?
Frank: I'm not good at that.

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Blue Bloods Season 2 Quotes

My Dad's too proud to sit around and wait for the ax to fall.


My father is nothing if not customary.

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