Jamie: It was by the book, Dad.
Frank: What good's the book if no one else is reading it?

I never missed New York cause I never left. That's the secret to my longevity.


Frank: You walk away, you're letting them win.
Mackenzie: They already have.

Mackenzie: If you ask me, that judge should be investigated.
Frank: I can't do that. It would look like I'm strong-arming him.

When I choose to leave this place, I'm planning on walking out this door, not picking my way through a pile of rubble.


Take those beads off. You look like Miss Cleo.


If you talk to IAB about Espinoza and it leaks, which it might, it won't matter if IAB turns up nothing.


Jamie: Espinoza's been good to me. He got us this apartment. But if he's abusing his power to have sexual relations with a rookie I can't look the other way. Right?
Frank: Not in this day and age.

Look, how many of your friends have to die before you come clean with us?


I'm Mister Rogers and this is my neighborhood. So where's Peta Toledo?


Erin: You know, Ramona was right. We really failed her friend.
Anthony: Wanna go after this guy?
Erin: Yeah, but we're gonna need someone on the inside to talk.

One doesn't always make one's bones by going along with the establishment.


Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 5 Quotes

Ramona: ADA Reagan, you have a moment?
Erin: So you can pass on some more policy suggestions?
Ramona: Sorry, I know I can be a little...
Erin: Outspoken? No worries. Actually you remind me of myself.

Danny: Cameron Gooding?
Gooding: Seriously? You two? Are you the only cops in New York?