Anthony: You both need to change the playbook.
Erin: What does that mean?
Anthony: You always dig your heels in and won't listen to anyone and think you're always right. And you. I know why this case got under your skin but you can't come in here guns blazing and with no respect for the DA's office or the position Erin's in. Neither of you listens to the others. So what the two of you need to do is talk it out and you'll see that you're both wrong.

Lena: I don't want to shame her anymore.
Frank: Fighting back isn't shaming anyone.
Lena: You would think that. You're a Reagan! You don't know what it's like to have to compete with your family.
Frank: Maybe the mistake is thinking you have to.

Anthony: You were way out of line with your sister.
Jamie: You were out of line now.
Anthony: You think your sister wanted to let a murderer walk any more than you did?
Jamie: Don't come into my precinct and school me on my sister.

The dinner table is meant to be a demilitarized zone.


That's how it works? If we can't put away a guy who tells me to my face that he killed someone then it doesn't work it all.


Jamie: Why would you allow the blood alcohol?
Erin: Why wouldn't I?
Jamie: Because you know where this is going.
Erin: The prosecutor's job is to find the truth.

DEA: You might be able to get us a bigger fish.
Danny: Like how big?
DEA: Jose Rojas big.
Danny: So that means you're gonna make some deal with Delgado?
DEA: Let's see what he says first.
Danny: Like about who killed his wife?
DEA: Like about who killed yours.

Lawyer: Sergeant Reagan. Any relation?
Erin: My brother.
Lawyer: Oh, that's rich.
Jamie: Are you calling me a liar?
Lawyer: Yes, I am.
Erin: I can handle this, Sergeant Reagan.

Frank: Since when do you have a problem setting the record straight?
Garett: Since the woman in the question is going to be your sister.
Frank: Excuse me?
Sid: It's Eddie Janko's mother.

I got a lawyer who makes more in a day than you do in a year, so I don't have to tell you anything.


Eddie: In a perfect world, all three of those cops could run up a flight of stairs.
Frank: And when you find a perfect world, please send me the address.

Not like I always wanted a son, but one came knocking and I answered the door.


Blue Bloods Quotes

Jamie: Our vows.
Eddie: Yeah, I don’t want them to just mean something on our wedding day. I want them to mean something today and tomorrow and every day after that.
Jamie: I will always have your back. If you fall behind I will wait up.
Eddie: I will earn your respect and pay you respect every day we have.
Jamie: I’ll be your scout, your night watchman, your cavalry.
Eddie: Your medic, your chaplain in our army of two.
Jamie: No retreat, no surrender. You can count on me.
Eddie: You can count on me.

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Someone said, we are all just passing time and occupy our chair very briefly. The time we had with Linda was a gift. and we are all the better that she occupied her chair so well.