Sean: Someone put ACAB on my locker. And you teach it.
Ms. Wilson: I used to teach it.
Sean: Excuse me?
Ms. Wilson: Over the summer when the protests began I thought, finally the revolution is here. But then they started looting, torching cars. Those weren't protesters. Those were rioters. And the police risked their lives to keep my block safe. I'm not saying they're all angels, mind you.
Sean: But they're not all devils either. Someone got my locker combination.
Ms. Wilson: Do any of your friends hang out at your locker?
Sean: Why?
Ms. Wilson: Sean, in case you haven't noticed the world's been turned upside down.

Henry: Lucky you if you're one of the few who doesn't carry any regrets.
Frank: That's not true.
Henry: But if you do you can put them into a box. I'm not good at that.
Frank: I'm not good at it either. I just do it.

Garrett: Henry has a beef with you, boss?
Frank: Good guess.
Abigail: Sorry to hear that.
Frank: Oh, he's not all right unless he has at least one beef a day.

Danny: Remember that teacher who had it in for Nicky a few years ago? The one that was a certified cop hater before being a cop hater became everyone's favorite pasttime? Don't say nothing to her. I'm gonna go suss her out.
Sean: No you're not.
Danny: You know I'm a pretty good investigator.
Sean: And this is my business. Butt out.

Danny: Did you see any signs of depression?
Woman: I don't know. It was just a retail relationship.

I'm fine. I'm fine. Eddie, I did what I had to do, what I was trained to do.


Eddie: Let me see that again.
Witten: Excuse me! You're happily married.
Eddie: You can look at the menu even though you're not going to order, you know.

10,000 dollar currency band, minus the currency. Guess that's not traceable.


You'll be the first. Make it work so others can follow. Good work, Detective. You just flipped the PC.


Strand: I wasn't gonna hurt them. I never hurt -
Danny: One more word and I'm gonna hurt you.

How can someone be a killer and a hero at the same time?


Allison: I am an investigator. That's what I do.
Frank: You were an investigator. Things change. Doors closed, others open.
Allison: These are not the doors I want open.

Blue Bloods Quotes

Henry: My opinion is valid and valuable.
Frank: I didn't say it wasn't.
Henry: In effect, you did.

The kid couldn't kill an ant.