Eddie: Do you ever think about what we might be missing out on?
Jamie: Yup. Do you ever think what we might be giving up?
Eddie: Yup.

Eddie: This place?
Jamie: What?
Eddie: Jamie, people are dancing here. You don't like dancing.

Jamie: I'm confused.
Eddie: Aren't we all?

Baez: If your client didn't want his wife to know he was a creep, then he shouldn't have been such a creep.
Danny: You can't really argue with that.

Well, a john is a john, whether he's in a pin stripe suit or a sweat suit, he's still just a john.


I swear, no matter how many years I spend in this city, it's always got another crazy surprise up its sleeve.


Father Phil: I can't say.
Frank: Your voice is working just fine, Father.

Eddie: Who knows what to wear for a mid-week, Long Island destination wedding?
Jamie: I'm not sure ten stops out on the LIRR counts as a destination.

You're not even close to my type. I mean, you're a complete boy scout and you make me crazy most of the time. You're also the best person I think I've ever met and you're the best friend that I've ever had.


Frank: I can't speak for myself.
Erin: Hell just froze over.

It means, that if we'd found a smelly, old, homeless dude in that garage, do you really think he'd be freshening up in your bathroom right now?


She's not a stray puppy, Jamie. This job is hard enough without taking it home with me, literally.