Reade: Hirst hired me because I have a weakness she could exploit, same as Van Gogh. At least his weakness was noble.
Zapata: Reade, you need to stop beating yourself up about this.
Reade: No, you don't understand. She's still manipulating me. She wants me to remove you from the team.
Zapata: None of that matters anymore. We have Van Gogh. You don't have to do anything for Hirst ever again.

Weller: Do you regret keeping everything from him?
Vance: No... not one bit. If I'd have told him about the blackmail, he'd have left the trial. I knew that. And I had already watched him battle cancer for two years. He was in agony all the time. So, I made a decision. If lying to the person I love means sparing them horrible pain... I'll lie.

Allison: [Vance] has been lying to his husband for two years.
Kurt: He kept this from him to protect him, that's not such a bad thing.
Allison: That is such a Kurt Weller response.
Kurt: What's that supposed to mean?
Allison: You always think you have to protect everyone. But shielding someone from the truth isn't heroic, it's just dishonest. People can handle more than you give them credit for.

Hirst: I think Zapata found her tribe when she joined the CIA.
Reade: What do you mean?
Hirst: They're snakes. And I want this taskforce to proceed without them. First thing tomorrow morning, you will revoke Zapata's FBI clearance, and you'll inform her that she is no longer a part of your team.
Reade: But why?
Hirst: I don't trust her. And neither should you. A history like yours... illicit drug use... it makes you vulnerable. Someone like Zapata could use that against you.

Weller: I'm sorry, I know it's a lot to ask.
Allison: Do you want our daughter to grow up visiting us both in prison?
Patterson: We... we don't have anyone else we can trust. We just need that one file, that is all.
Allison: Oh, I brought the file. I just want you all to feel appropriately guilty from dragging me down with you.
Patterson: Oh, well, that's... a little mean, but okay.

Reade: Hirst is dirty. We gotta take her down.
Weller: Come in. Little late to the party.

Hirst: Trust is the cornerstone of our work here. Trust from the people. Trust in each other. I don't need to tell you how critical it is to maintain that trust.
Reade: No, you don't, which is why I'm just asking for some clarity here.
Hirst: Your "indiscretion" with drugs, two years ago, could've completely derailed your promotion to Assistant Director. But I... made sure that would never happen. In fact, I fast-tracked your appointment. Because I trust you. FBI drug tests miss things sometimes, but I don't... Relax, Reade, I protect my people... You did some good work today. Keep it up. You have a good night... Assistant Director.

Weller: My last tip as your FBI consultant. When a federal agent tells you to stay back, you gotta stay the hell back.
Rhodes: Last tip?
Weller: Yeah.
Rhodes: Come on, Kurt. I need a guy like you on a movie set.
Weller: No, I'm not cut out for Hollywood. But if you ever, like, need some real action, you know, you're always welcome at the FBI.
Rhodes: Really?
Weller: No. Not at all.

Rich: You know, I couldn't help but hear you and Patterson talking about, uh, Jane Junior?
Jane: I really don't want to talk about it, Rich.
Rich: I get it, okay, I really do. I'm terrified that there's a little Dicky Dotcom out there that I don't know about.
Jane: Because of the child support?
Rich: No, because a soothsayer once told me I'd be murdered by somebody with baby hands. Don't worry about it, but, uh, you know my pitch about the little Turkish girl who dreams of America? That wasn't about my great grandma. That was about you.
Jane: Oh, this should be good.
Rich: See, I figure you're on a journey, just like that little girl, and maybe your "America" is your daughter. Maybe it isn't, I don't know, but... I just feel like your story deserves a happy ending.
Jane: Well, in case you haven't noticed, I'm not exactly the happy ending type.
Rich: Jane... look at me. I used to be a bad guy. Now I'm a good guy. Because of you. And if you can give me a happy ending, shouldn't you try to give one to yourself?

Zapata: [Rhodes] is playing dumb.
Patterson: Sadly, I don't think he is. He's not that good of an actor.
Rich: You shut your mouth.

Blake: So what's my favorite charity auction bidder doing in Barcelona?
Roman: It's a long story. It involves a friend, his funeral, and a list of cities he always wanted to visit.
Blake: The same friend you mentioned at the auction.
Roman: You have a good memory.
Blake: You have a good heart.

Jane: Thought you had community service today.
Rich: And what better community to serve than my poor pop-culture-deprived friends with their Keith Rhodes case. Hey, I've been a big fan since his sitcom days. So few child actors make the successful transition into adulthood. He could've gone full Screech.
Patterson: Rich...
Rich: All I'm saying is you're gonna want me for this case. Also can you please sign this to get me out of community service? Thank you.

Blindspot Quotes

Jane: Please take him alive. He's the only one that might have answers.
Kurt: We'll try our best.

Someone did this to me. Took away my whole life and I can't do anything about it.