I voted for you two times!

Security Guard

Being a parent, we sometimes have to make decisions, and hope and pray that they are the right ones.


She just lifted up my bed and said that you're Black Lightning.


Goon: They told you wasn't coming back. That you were dead.
Lala: Dead? I like it.

I've kept secrets from you.


He will find you and he will kill you. Even Anissa.


This attempt at framing me. You know what it proves? I'm getting under someone's skin.


Jefferson: Just because you have abilities, doesn't mean you have to use them.
Anissa: I've already used them.
Jefferson: To destroy a confederate statue.
Anissa: Oh, I know. It was a mistake. I lost my head.
Jefferson: That's just it, Anissa. You can't afford to lose your head. That's when people get hurt - or worse.
Anissa: Okay, then train me. Show me how to do this.
Jefferson: No, you're clearly not ready.

Anissa: Dad, I'm ready to go out on the streets. I was thinking we could hit the community center and then maybe take down some Green Lighthouses and then -
Jefferson: Whoa, Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You are a teacher and a med student, and that's all you need to be.

This suit is going to be the start of the art, Lynn. It'll keep Anissa safe.
I just hope you're not making my baby a casket.

Jefferson: What the hell waas she doing?
Lynn: What you do. She has powers, Jeff.

Tobias: What the hell happened to you?
Joey: I just fought Black Lightning. One more minute and he would have been dead. Something’s wrong with his head.
Tobias: So, why didn’t you finish him?
Joey: I tried, I was holding my own. He trashed my gun. I tipped our guy at the department.
Tobias: There was a time you could depend on white boys to be professional. Nowadays, white boys are just as lazy and predictable as your brothers.

Black Lightning Quotes

Lynn: You've been on the streets fighting The 100 for years. Let someone else do it. The girls need a father.
Jefferson: Baby, I promise. No more.

Black Lightning was the savior who kept our streets and our schools safe. He was hope personified. But he was also Jefferson Pierce, my father.