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How are your hardware shops doing Bill? I hear you've had a few protests.


I'm proud of our family and proud of our faith.


First time in our marriage I am worried. This paper divorce is feeling a lot like a real divorce.


How do you plan to redeem yourself? Tell me, tell me. Show me.


What's going on with us Bill? Someone tried to kill me. I'm having nightmares about it.


I just discovered that I married an under aged girl.


(to Bill) There will be blockades. They will put you out of business.


(to Bill) Your wife is a stinking filthy liar and should wash her mouth out with soap.


Nikki: I can't believe you ran him over.
Margene: I tapped him.

I just want to be allowed to do my job.


Stop saying that. We are not falling apart.


Get out. Who do you think you're dealing with? I'm Albert Grant.

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Big Love Quotes

Sarah: Why can't we just hire a babysitter like everyone else?
Barb: Because we're not everyone else

Margene: Does that mean you miss me more?
Bill: Officially... I miss you guys all the same.