Principal: I understand Ziggy's father is not involved in Ziggy's upbringing. Is that right?
Jane: The only thing I know about Ziggy's father is that he's keen on erotic asphyxiation and raping women.
Madeline: You did not say that.
Jane [laughs]: No, of course I didn't. But I wanted to.

Doctor: We can do a CAT scan just to make sure.
Madeline: I'm not going to expose myself to unnecessary radiation just to keep your premiums down.

Joseph: I know you have feelings for me.
Madeline: Well if you know that, then just cling to that.

Perry: Well, you're training 'em to be spoiled brats. I don't want to live in a fuckin' pig stye.
Celeste: Then do it yourself.

Doctor: Have you ever sustained bruises from something other than sex?
Celeste: I don't follow.

Doctor: Are you physically afraid of him?
Celeste: This feels very wrong, I have to say.. I can't, I mean. Um. You're meant to me our Doctor, you're treating us, and you're demonizing him.
Doctor: Does he know you're here alone?

Bonnie: Hi.
Ed: Hi. I just love sweat on women. Sorry. That was just a general statement.

It's actually really weird. Ever since I told you about Ziggy's dad, it's like this thing is happening to my body. Like it's waking up again.


Ziggy: The last time we had pizza and we went to the zoo, you told me were moving to Monterey. What now?
Jane: You're going to go see a child psychologist.

Madeline: She wouldn't leave if she knew I had cancer.
Ed: But, you don't have cancer.
Madeline: I'd be willing to get it.

She doesn't need to know it's a therapist. Some of the best ones now dress up as clowns. She could think it's another birthday surprise.


Dr.: Has this ever happened before?
Perry: Yep. Sometimes I lash out.