If you reject the Dutch, then every councilman in the family will be after your head.


Marcus: Is it Aidan? You wouldn't make him leader, would you? Because, with all due respect, that would be insane. He's a heretic, a sham.
Hegeman: Please do not presume that you will tell me anything that I don't already know.

Give up on us. There is too much blood under the bridge, and now it's just too late.


My God. You've been here one day and you have Kool-Aid coming out of your ears.


Nora: I'm pregnant Josh.
Josh: With my baby?

So greedy. And they think we're uncivilized.


Edler Vampire 1: They're not chained.
Elder Vampire 2: Were they compelled?
Bishop: There's no need. They're here by choice. Some because they hope to be diners some day and some, they have issues.

Aidan: What are they doing here.
Bishop: I think we both know the answer to that. Tomorrow they're gonna kill me. It's good to have you back, Aidan.

Josh: God, Aidan. What are we supposed to believe in if we can't believe in you?
Aidan: You can. I just hope you can forgive me.

I obviously don't know you. So, you tell me. Have you ever in your endless life cared enough about anything to actually take a stand?


Aidan: Josh is the only family I've got.
Rebecca: It didn't have to be that way.
Aidan: This is not the way to take your revenge on me.

Josh: And, he's a werewolf, too. They're going to make us fight each other.
Sally: What?!
Josh: Yes! That's the level of shock I was looking for.

Being Human Season 1 Quotes

Every human spends a night or two on the dark side and regrets it. But what if you only exist - on the dark side?


We're all hiding something, aren't we? From the moment we wake, look in that little mirror, all we do is spin our little lies.