Being Human

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Being human

Hey, so, you know, when was the last time the three of us got together and just played a really good game of Celebrity?


Aidan: I think it means that you're more tethered to the earth.
Sally: So I'm stuck here now, like the rest of the one-eyed crazies.
Aidan: You're still not solid yet, you're just more charged.

What do you think would upset your mother more, You brain or heart on a platter?


Celine: If you had your fill of live blood, you'd be healed by now. Drink me.
Aidan: No.
Celine: Don't be a fool. Bishop's coming for you. You can't fight him like this.
Aidan: Celine, I would have to drain you.
Celine: I'd rather die for you than for cancer.
Aidan. I will heal. I just need a little time. And, I need to get home.

Just so you know, it wouldn't have been exactly like beating up a girl.


It's otherworldly. You're exactly the same, minus the tragic sideburns.


You know what, we should probably do an ego assessment. Don't you think we're thinking of ourselves just a little too highly?


So we're gonna ah.. we're gonna go to work. So, you just have a really nice day. Okay? Maybe like a me day. Maybe some skin cream.


Josh: She looks like the Grudge.
Aidan: I know she looks a little rough.
Josh: Rough? If we video taped Sally right now and showed somebody, they'd be dead in three days.
Aidan: She's needs exercise, she's weak
Josh: She looks like she's going to eat our entrails, Aidan.
Aidan: It's only been a few days, she needs time to heal. She'll be back.
Josh: As what?!

Josh: Aw. You know, I feel really awkward walking around with a bunch of stakes under my jacket.
Aidan: You'll feel a lot less awkward when some vampire's ripping into your face.
Josh: Yesterday, one fell out and I had to explain to a room full of nurses that I was whittling. That I had taken up whittling.

Bridget: What happened to Sally? What happened to her?
Exorcist: I don't know, but I hope she's still here. She deserves this place. And you? You deserve whatever she does to you.
Danny: No, no! Sally's just a liar. She just can't stand for us to be happy!
Exorcist: No, the dead don't lie.

Hmmm. Forgive my heedlessness. I accept your terms. My family will be reduced, Boston will be yours, let's celebrate.

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Being Human Season 1 Quotes

Every human spends a night or two on the dark side and regrets it. But what if you only exist - on the dark side?


We're all hiding something, aren't we? From the moment we wake, look in that little mirror, all we do is spin our little lies.

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