For once the universe was working in my favor. Which was not cause for celebration it was setting off alarms.


We're gonna get paid, and you're gonna get laid.


Stop being paranoid and get amped! We're going to Europe!


Tamara: I walked in on my Mom making out with her friend Claire.
Jenna: Your Mom's gay?
Tamara: No! She's a lesb-utante! She keeps it strictly above the belt, but it was a TS sitch so my Mom's letting me go on the trip to keep me from telling my Grandma. Little does she know I'm totes equal opportunity!

Lacey: Jenna I'm not the best role model.
Jenna: That was a given.

I'm gonna bump uglies tonight!


I'm a bitch, but I'm not a heartless bitch.


Jake is Awesometown!


Sorry. I'm not sorry.


Sadie: Spoiler Alert: You won't last the week so forgive me if I don't commit your name to memory. You're welcome.

Valerie: We have two options: 1. You tattoo Jake's name on your arm where it's visible to the viewing public, then you beg him to stay together. He'll say yes because he's a sucker and then never get it removed.

I am far too hot to be a grandma.


Awkward Season 2 Quotes

Jenna: Val, the cat is imaginary.
Valerie: So is my relationship!

Ricky: That was-
Sadie: amazing. Yeah, I know, you're welcome.