Quentin: When you look at me, do you see your own father at all?
Laurel: No...because my father died when I was 13.
Quentin: What happened?
Laurel: It was my 13th birthday and he left to go get my birthday cake like he did every year. Then the phone rang, there was an accident. Drunk driver ran through red light, head-on collision.
Quentin: Sorry. I used to pick up Laurel's cake too. Yellow with chocolate frostring. At my favorite bakery.
Laurel: Carly's
Quentin: Sorry you didn't get to know your father.

Hardly impressive. Left to his own devices, Oliver Queen will always push away the people he loves most.


Rene: Why the hell isn’t Dinah here?
Curtis: Is it possible she could be even more hungover than I am?
Rene: Definitely not.

Iris: What are you even doing here?
Felicity: Yeah, why didn’t you go with them?
Mick: Go where?

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Then you really are a special kind of idiot. Your naivete would be charming, if your weakness wasn’t so pathetic.


Punching Nazis — that was definitely as satisfying as I thought it would be.


Just a quick reminder… super speed. I don’t have it.


Diggle: I didn’t want you to worry, Oliver, which is why I didn’t tell you.
Oliver: No, John, you didn’t tell me because you knew I’d never let you go out there compromised and that I’d certainly never let you compromise the team. I have been mad at you before, John, this...is the first time I have ever been disappointed.

If I was dating the Green Arrow I think I'd know. Besides The Flash is much more my type.


Cayden: You do see how that could have gone wrong, yes?
Black Siren: Yes, but it didn't!

Diggle: I never should have said I was doing it for you. Remember last year, when the Dominators put us into this alternate Star City?
Oliver: Yeah, kind of difficult to forget.
Diggle: We got to see what our perfect life would be. Mine was being the Green Arrow.

He has a son? I’ll make sure he suffers, too.


Arrow Quotes

Darhk: Where's my family?!
Green Arrow: I saved them.
Darhk: I wanna be clear about something. I have shown you repeatedly that you cannot beat me. You saved my family, so I will give you a few weeks to spend with yours. Enjoy your time. What's left of it.

You catch 'em, I cook 'em. Oh! Did I say that too loud?